European Commission condemns the run off in Barcelona

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The European Commission condemned the terrorist incident that took place in central Barcelona last night, according to its president, Jean-Claude Juncker, according to its official website.

The president also expressed his condolences to the relatives and relatives of the victims of the accident, Spanish Prime Minister Rakhoy, and the entire Spanish people.

In a statement issued by the European Commission, the President of the Commission also honored all those who contributed to saving lives and transporting the wounded to the centers of care to receive assistance and treatment from the police and civilians.

Spanish Prime Minister: Barcelona attack requires a global response to terrorism

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Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Thursday that the car bomb attack in Barcelona on Thursday, which killed at least 13 people, “jihadist terrorism” requires a global response.

“The war against terrorism is the first priority of free and open societies such as our societies. It is a global threat and the response must be universal,” he told a press conference in Barcelona.

India approves deal to buy US military helicopters worth $ 650 million

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Indian Defense Ministry agreed on Thursday to buy six attack helicopters from the US company Boeing, while India is strengthening its military strength amid border tensions with China and Pakistan, Indian officials said.

The military procurement board, which oversees major deals, agreed to give the green light for the purchase of six additional Apache helicopters, 22 of which were purchased in a 2015 deal worth 2.5 billion dollars.

Two Indian Defense Ministry sources, who did not reveal their identity, told Agence France-Presse that approval had been given to the army on the deal, without giving further details on the date of delivery.

“The Military Procurement Board has agreed to secure six Apache helicopters with related equipment for the army,” an Indian official told AFP by text message.

The first batch received by India from the 22 attack helicopters and carrying the Hellfire and Stinger missiles has replaced the old Indian Air Force fleet.

India hopes to deploy the helicopters on its high border, especially its eastern border with China, and a border dispute between the two sides broke out on a strategic Himalayan plateau where hundreds of Indian and Chinese troops have been facing for more than two months.

India is the world’s largest arms importer and tens of billions of dollars are being invested in modernizing its Soviet-era weapon. Large deals have been signed since Prime Minister Narendra Moody came to power in 2014

Barcelona vs Real Madrid en vivo

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The fans of international football in the world and the world are waiting for the Alclassico matches between the poles of the world ball Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in a match awaited by millions behind the screens in all countries of the world, and play this match within the final leg of the Spanish Super Cup which the two teams seek to resolve, Before Real Madrid and Barcelona have a special system and atmosphere for any match because it brings together two of the strongest teams in the world, in addition to Real Madrid have Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona have Messi, two players from A The advantage of the players of the world, which makes the game strong and enthusiastic and full of goals, and we provide you through this article the date of the Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona as well as channels to meet.
Barcelona and Real Madrid match “return match”

Barcelona vs Real Madrid en vivo

In the face of the coach Zinedine Zidane and the manager of the club and the French coach, Ernesto Valverde, and every manager seeks to form an ideal form to resolve this match against the best teams in Spanish football, and seeks to compensate for the defeat at home in the game that ended 3-1 to Real Madrid , And the Barcelona coach is seeking to make changes to the team’s plan to ensure victory or at least a good level.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona:
the match

Date and time
Barcelona vs Real Madrid August 16, at 11.00 pm Egypt time Santiago Bernabeu

The first leg will be held on Wednesday at 11 pm Egypt time and 12 midnight Saudi time at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid after the first leg at Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium.
Channel channels to match Barcelona and Real Madrid

As for the transfer channels for the match Alklasico today will broadcast the match on 3 channels to them the rights of this final in a special surprise for the Egyptians and the Arabs to transfer the game for the first time on an Egyptian open channel is On Sport channel, which got the rights to broadcast the game of return and return on 13 and 16 of this month, The match is scheduled to be played today on the following channels:

Channel On Sport (Fahad Al Otaibi comment on the first voice and Medhat Chalabi on the second voice)
Abu Dhabi Sports Channel 1 (Comment on Al Kaabi)
Abu Dhabi Sports Channel 2 (Essam Abdo comment)

The two teams are now preparing for the match amid Hamas and waiting for thousands of fans to love the Royal team and the Catalan team, and follow up with you the latest news of the meeting.

Al-Barsa seeks to compensate for the loss of the last game, which saw a deterioration in the defense of the Catalan team, and this match is relatively easy for the Royal team, especially that it is home to the center of his fans and the team won the first leg 3-1 but not reassuring in front of the Barça, Fun and enthusiasm more than a go-go.

The two teams have finished training in the last few hours in preparation for the strong match that is being held today and awaited by millions of followers, which will be a strong match and will see another level of Albarsa to seek a positive result and to compensate for the loss in the first leg.

A few hours away from the expected meeting at the Real Madrid stadium amid the anticipation of more than half a billion viewers of the Clasico around the world, the game will be the absence of Ronaldo after the expulsion in the first leg, and there is news that the participation of Iniesta, the Catalan star.

Update: Analytical statuses are now underway for the expected match between Hamas and Al Barsha fans to see the strongest match of the day at the Royal Stadium of Santiago Bernabeu.

We are following up with you the latest news of the meeting expected by the millions tonight, and we are waiting for the announcement of the formation of the two teams in the coming hours and Ronaldo will miss the meeting officially after being stopped because of being expelled in the first leg.

Expectations of Trump’s postponement of the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem

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US President Donald Trump is expected to postpone the transfer of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this week despite his pledge during the election campaign to take the controversial move, US officials and diplomatic sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said that Trump is likely to continue the policy of his predecessors in the presidency by signing a document that defers for six months the application of a law issued in 1995 to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem. The move will take place if Trump’s efforts are taken to resume peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Trump had not yet made a formal decision but the law required him to make a decision by Friday.

Trump is expected to renew the application of the law. But his administration plans to make it clear that Trump remains committed to his 2016 campaign promise, but the administration will not set a timetable for the move, officials said.

Asked if Trump would sign the postponement, White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters on Wednesday: “Once we have a decision we will announce it,” adding that there will be “something about this very soon.”

While there are divisions between Trump’s aides on this issue, the prevailing view seems to be that the United States should keep its embassy in Tel Aviv to avoid angering Palestinians, Arab governments and Western allies as the US president seeks to revive peace efforts.

Trump avoided any public mention of the possible move of the embassy during his visit to Israel and the West Bank in May. But most experts doubt Trump’s chances of reaching a peace deal, a goal that has long eluded former US presidents.

The status of Jerusalem is one of the main sticking points. Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East War and later annexed it in a move that did not win international recognition. Israel considers the city its undivided capital.

Wonder Woman Premiere: Live Stream TV Info

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The head of the Suez Canal Authority, and the head of Suez Canal Authority, Mr. Obeida Rabea, Vice President of the Suez Canal Authority, received a delegation of leaders and employees of the General Economic Authority of the Canal region, headed by Major General Abdul Qadir Darwish, For the Northern Region, Ismailia Maritime Training and Simulation Center.

A number of the Authority’s leaders attended the meeting, including Engineer Saad Askar, Director of Planning and Research, Captain Mohammed Fawzi, Head of Navigation Control, Major General Ihab Banan, Team Advisor to the Land, General Samah Kandil, Group Security Advisor, and Major General Khalid Al Azzazi, Team Advisor for Relations.

The aim of the visit is to familiarize the employees of the Economic Commission with the work system of the Suez Canal Authority and the development projects carried out by the Authority, in addition to the major projects implemented by the General Authority for Suez Canal and the achievements of the project on the ground. More effort and create a state of compassion among the workers and move from the planning stage to the implementation stage.

The Group welcomed the employees of the Economic Commission, and thanked Dr. Ahmed Darwish, the former Chairman of the Authority, for his efforts in the stage he spent at the head of the Economic Commission, wishing him success.

He stressed that the project of economic development of the Suez Canal area is the hope of Egypt in the coming period, stressing the need to achieve integration between the Suez Canal Authority and the Economic Authority, especially after the implementation and opening of the new Suez Canal, which will allow the projects and industries in the region to benefit from the volume of transit trade channel, He pointed out the need to achieve similar integration at the level of the administrative bodies of the two bodies, and to work on the integration of the efforts of workers and work as a family.
Wonder Woman Premiere Live Stream

Ramez Galal who will be first in Underground 2017 this year

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Trump on Wednesday said during his meeting with South Korean President’s Special Envoy Moon Jaei that he looked forward to working closely with Mon Jie-nen to resolve North Korea’s nuclear issue and wants to achieve peace by North Korea.

The South Korean Yonhap news agency quoted the envoy as saying that Trump had told him that entering Pyongyang into a peace process would take place if conditions were favorable, adding that he would not hold talks for a dialogue only with North Korea.
برنامج رامز تحت الارض الحلقه الاولي
Envoy Tony Blair also told Special Envoy Hong Seok-hyun during his 10-minute meeting at the White House that he would not hold talks with North Korea for talks. The 10-minute meeting was attended by US Vice President Mike Pines, Jared Kouchner.

This is the first time Trump has met with a South Korean official since taking office. Kong arrived in Washington earlier in the day on a mission to deliver Moon’s message to Trump and lay the foundations for the first summit between the two leaders. His visit comes after White House Chief of Staff Matt Butinger’s visit to Seoul earlier this week. The two countries agreed to hold a summit between Moon and Trump in Washington in late June.

Kong told reporters on arrival that the South Korean president had asked him to convey to the US government and people his thoughts on South Korea and the alliance and the deployment of the US missile defense system “Thad”. Thad is expected to be a major topic for discussions with US officials

برنامج رامز تحت الارض , تعرف من هو ضيف الحلقه الاولي

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وافق مجلس الشيوخ فى ميشيغان على تشريع يوم الاربعاء يجعل تشويه الأعضاء التناسلية للفتيات جناية فى الدولة يعاقب عليها بالسجن لمدة تصل الى 15 عاما سواء بالنسبة للاشخاص الذين يؤدون الاجراء والوالدين الذين ينقلون الطفل الى الجراحة.

وقد حفز التشريع، الذي يذهب الآن إلى مجلس النواب في الولايات المتحدة، حالة طبيب غرفة الطوارئ اتهم الشهر الماضي بموجب القانون الاتحادي مع تشويه الأعضاء التناسلية للفتيات في السابعة من عمره في عيادة طبية في الضواحي في ديترويت.

كما اتهم طبيب اخر وزوجته التى تدير العيادة فى هذه القضية التى يعتقد انها اول محاكمة جنائية امريكية من نوعها. وقد يواجه المتهمون الثلاثة عقوبة بالسجن تصل الى خمس سنوات اذا ادينوا.

ويحظر تشويه الأعضاء التناسلية للبنات، الذي ينطوي عادة على إزالة البظر كله أو جزء منه، من قبل العديد من المعاهدات الدولية، ولكنه يظل ممارسة ثقافية أو دينية مشتركة في بعض البلدان الأفريقية، بما في ذلك الصومال والسودان ومصر.

واستشهد رئيس اللجنة القضائية بمجلس الشيوخ في الولايات المتحدة ريك جونز، أحد راعيي التشريع، بشهادة الخبراء الأخيرة أمام فريقه الذي وصف ميشيغان بأنه “نقطة ساخنة” لتشويه الأعضاء التناسلية بسبب جماعته الكبيرة من المهاجرين من البلدان التي لا تزال تجري فيها هذه الجراحة بشكل روتيني.

واضاف “لقد كان مخفيا، ولكن الان ونحن ندرك اننا نريد ان نصدر بيانا قويا جدا للعالم – مرة اخرى فى ميشيغان”.

وبصرف النظر عن فرض عقوبات أشد من القانون الفيدرالي، فإن تشريعات ميشيغان تسمح بالاعتقالات والملاحقة القضائية من قبل سلطات إنفاذ القانون المحلية.

وقال جونز انه سيتم ايضا سد ثغرة اتحادية من خلال حظر نقل الفتيات دون سن 18 عاما داخل حدود الولاية لأغراض اجراء جراحة تناسلية. ويمكن أيضا توجيه الاتهام إلى الوالدين أو الأوصياء الذين يجلبون أطفالا إلى ميشيغان من الخارج أو يتبين أنهم أخذوهم إلى الخارج لمثل هذه الإجراءات.

America criticizes the actions of the “Erdogan” guards against the Turkish protesters in Washington

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The United States has criticized the actions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s guard with Turkish protesters in Washington during Erdogan’s visit to America.

The United States on Wednesday quoted Turkey as “in the strongest possible terms” its concern after Erdogan’s guards clashed with protesters in Washington.

“Violence has never been an appropriate response to freedom of expression and we support the right of people everywhere to free expression and peaceful protest,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Noiret said.

Pakistan has lodged a formal protest against India’s cease-fire violations

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Pakistan on Wednesday lodged a formal protest with the United Nations Military Observer Mission between India and Pakistan over recent unjustifiable violations of the ceasefire and targeting civilians by Indian troops along the Line of Control between the two countries.

The Pakistani General Geo Channel said in its statement in English that the General Command of the Pakistani armed forces brought the personnel of the International Monitoring Mission to the headquarters of the command, informing them of their protest over violations by the Indian forces of the cease-fire and targeting civilians during the tenth, thirteenth and sixteenth of May.

The General Command of the Pakistani forces also told the International Observer Mission (IOM) personnel that the cease-fire violations by the Indian forces resulted in the death of one civilian and the wounding of 15 others, including women and children