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Trump was blamed for the Russian plane crash

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Trump was blamed for the Russian plane crash

US President Donald Trump on Monday offered his condolences to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the crash of the passenger plane AN-148 near Moscow with 71 people on board.

Trump was blamed for the Russian plane crash “During the call, the US president offered his condolences to Putin on Sunday’s plane crash,” the Kremlin said in a statement following a telephone conversation between the two presidents, the Russian TASS news agency reported.
The Kremlin said the two presidents also discussed a number of aspects of the Middle East settlement issue between Israel and the Palestinians

German Chancellor Receives Turkish Prime Minister Next Thursday in Berlin

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German Chancellor Receives Turkish Prime Minister Next Thursday in Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim in Berlin on Thursday.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Steffen Zeibert said in a statement on Monday that the meeting would discuss relations between the two countries and address international issues.

He added that the Turkish prime minister will head to Munich next week to attend the policy and security conference. The German chancellor is expected to ask the Turkish prime minister to release the German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yogel, who has been held in Turkey for a year.
“The German government will use in the future all the means available to us, both political and diplomatic for the release of Deniz Yogel, in addition to other German prisoners of course,” said the spokesman of the German government.

China affirms its willingness to strengthen cooperation with Sri Lanka

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that China is willing to enhance cooperation with Sri Lanka as part of the Road and Road Initiative during a formal talks with his Sri Lankan counterpart Tilak Marabana in Beijing on Monday.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a press release that Wang noted that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations and the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Common Treaty on Rubber and Rice.

China hopes to seize this opportunity to deepen traditional friendship and mutual political trust with Sri Lanka, as well as to promote major infrastructure projects, investment, trade, maritime cooperation and public communication within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, he said.

Wang explained the major achievements of the Nineteenth National Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), which ended on Tuesday, and said China welcomes Sri Lanka to join its path of openness and development and make joint efforts to build a better future for all.

Marabana congratulated China on holding the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party, and Sri Lanka expressed its gratitude for China’s long support for its economic and social development.

He said Sri Lanka attaches great importance to its traditional friendship with China and looks forward to promoting bilateral cooperation in all fields.
After the meeting, the two sides exchanged letters of approval for a mutual legal assistance treaty.

In late July, Colombo signed an agreement with a Chinese state-owned company to operate the newly-built Hambantota port in the southeast, although the agreement raised protests from inside Sri Lanka and security concerns about the possibility that the port would be used by the Chinese army

Manchester City reward De Bruin for renewal and salary increase

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The Manchester City English club is planning to renew the Belgian international contract Kevin de Bruin, the Citizen game maker, which ends in June 2021.

The English daily “Daily Mail” reported that Manchester City officials are starting negotiations with team star Kevin de Bruin to renew his contract despite the presence of four years remaining in his contract.

Manchester City’s management is seeking to renew De Bruin’s contract as a special reward for the player and raise his weekly salary of 110 thousand pounds sterling, especially as he is one of the most prominent players within the ranks and offers a consistent level on the technical side during the last period.

Kevin de Bruin has participated in five Premier League matches this season and has led his team to the Premiership table and made three goals for his teammates.

Anderlecht gets rid of the enemy of Trezeguet

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Belgian club Anderlecht has announced the dismissal of Swiss coach Rene Feyler on Monday due to a drop in the season’s latest results, most recently a 2-2 draw against Kortrick on Saturday.

The publication of the club issued a statement through the Internet in which he said: “Rene Feiler won the title 34 in the history of the club reached the last eight in the regular European and led Anderlecht to qualify for the group stage in the Champions League and oversaw the development of promising skills such as Yuri Tillmans and Leander Dndonker and heads the club thanks to Rene Feiler on his work His achievements and his professionalism, and the three assistants will oversee the team. ”

Rene Feiler Trezeguet ruled out of Anderlecht matches after moving to a team coming from Al-Ahly in 2016, prompting the Egyptian star to leave for Mouscron and Qasim Pasha on loan in the last two seasons.

Anderlecht have won just two of their seven league matches this season, nine points behind leaders Club Bruges, and lost 3-0 last week to Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Arsenal news today about Sanchez’s desire to move to Real Madrid

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Chelsea’s English international Alexis Sanchez has opened a line of negotiations with Real Madrid to move to the royal squad during the upcoming winter transfer period, press reports said.

Arsenal’s Sanchez is Arsenal star Sanchez
Arsenal star introduces himself to Real Madrid

According to The Sun newspaper, the Arsenal striker has begun to move into negotiations with Real Madrid officials to wear the royal shirt in January, especially as he does not want to continue inside the guns.

Sanchez’s desire to move to Real Madrid comes as the Spanish giants are looking forward to a striker under low level Gareth Bell and Karim Benzema at the attacking level.

Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez was the target of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez during the summer transfer period.

Ronnie is deprived of driving two years and 100 hours of volunteer work

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England striker Wayne Rooney has been banned from driving for two years after being found to be under the influence of alcohol and exceeding his speed limit.

The court judge has decided to punish Ronnie for two years’ deprivation of leadership and voluntary work for 100 hours, Sky Sport reported.

At the same time, the Everton club decided to charge the Golden Bull £ 320,000 after the alcohol driving charge was found today.

Wayne Rooney has moved to English club Everton for his “mother” club from Manchester United in two-year summer transfers in a deal worth 10 million pounds.

Train passengers in Sweden cultivate clever chips instead of tickets

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SJ Rail has announced an experiment with about 100 people to plant smart chips in their own hands to pay for their trip as an alternative to tickets. In a recent interview with the BBC, the company revealed that an estimated 3,000 people are using the service now.

According to the website of the newspaper “Daily Mail” British, thanks to this chip integrated into the hand, passengers are able to get a permanent ticket, so that the captain of the train read the chip by smart phone to make sure the passenger paid for his trip.

The company pointed out that it does not provide this chip to users, but passengers who want to use this service should already have this future technology.

“The idea was put forward by a technology company in Stockholm called Epicenter, where many employees have already been planted in thin slices,” said Stephen Ray, the company’s press officer.

While the system is currently only available in Sweden, the country’s travel system uses the same NFC communication technology as bank cards, indicating that it can be used in another field someday.

Smart chips are not new in Sweden, where the highly developed technology already employs an estimated 20,000 people to pay for food and register attendance at the workplace.

Researchers are developing new robots that can work together

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There are two ways robots can collaborate with each other and work together, either by programming them for specific tasks or by having one central command center that organizes all the individual robots themselves. But researchers have developed a new method that combines the two, Nature Communications “.

Researchers are able to develop individual robots that can work on their own, but when they communicate with the rest of the group, once the connection occurs, robots do the task that is programmed to do it together and in the same way. When a problem occurs during this process, Control from one robot to another easily.

The researchers say they are now working on the technology with robots that can move in three dimensions and have flexible connections. In the future, the team hopes this will lead to the development of robots that do not need programming and adaptability.

Founder of Watts AG decides to leave the company .. Find out why

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About 3 years after the acquisition of Facebook by the company Facebook, Brian Acton announced the founder of the application to leave Watts Ab, launched 8 years ago in collaboration with John Com, after the number of users of the application to more than one billion per day and spread quickly through many Platforms to create a large community of users around the world, including areas that have not been accessed by iOS and Android.

“I’m very lucky to have the flexibility to take on new risks and focus on what I love. I’ve decided to start with a non-profit company focused on technology and communications, and that’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. , And I will participate more in the coming months. This decision, of course, is difficult, and I am proud of what our team has accomplished in just a few years, it is remarkable to see that many people depend on Watts Ab every day. “