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Overweight: How to lose weight quickly 7 Tips read more

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how to lose weight quickly

How to lose weight in a week Overweight or obesity is one of the biggest challenges facing the world now, it affects people around the world, posing significant health risks as well as loss of agility which is a problem in itself. Both children and adults are victims of the disease. It is believed that if this trend continues in the world by 2015, more than 700 million people around the world will be obese.

Routine lifestyle and lack of exercise, and improper diet are the main causes of obesity, there is a need to maintain maximum balance between the calories you eat and calories consumed.

Today we offer you a unique diet for one week and ensure you save you a lot of extra weight. We simply offer you today a loss for your extra weight in just 7 days.

Day 1: The first day is a preparation for the week, on this day you have to eat fruit of all kinds except bananas, we recommend you on this day to increase the melon and melon, and research indicates that if you shortened your day on watermelon only you will lose on this day one kilogram of your weight , You should not feel hungry at all on this day if you have distributed your meals on the day properly, and if you drank all day about 10 glasses of water.

. The second day is the day of vegetables. You can eat cooked or raw vegetables. It is important not to use any kind of fat in cooking these vegetables. You can start with one of the boiled potatoes today. It contains complex carbohydrates that will provide you with a lot of energy. More water at least 10 cups.

3. Day 3: This is the third day, a day that combines the two previous days, the day of fruits and vegetables. This day allows you to eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits except bananas and potatoes. You will not starve on this day at all; it is a fun day full of benefits and vitamins. Standing drinking a lot of water.

4. Day 4: Day 4 You are not allowed to eat anything other than bananas and milk, you are allowed to eat 10 bananas and 4 cups of milk throughout the day divided into meals, if you want strong results you can use low-fat milk, With yogurt or yoghurt.

5. Day 5: On the fifth day, your food will vary. You can eat a small rice dish with 6 tomatoes for the rest of the day. The tomatoes will produce more uric acid in your body so you have to drink more water than the previous two days until you get rid of the many tomato salts.

6. Day 6: On the sixth day you can eat one dish of rice and all vegetables without specifying the quantity and of course forget the water is the intimate friend of your weight loss.

7: The seventh day: This is the last day in the diet and you have to eat a plate of rice and vegetables and fruit juice, especially orange is very useful for you and your health is a wonderful and distinctive conclusion for this week of diet.

lose weight After the end of the seventh day and on the morning of the eighth day you can weigh yourself once again and you will find that your weight has decreased significantly, you will not see this on the balance only, but you will find that you are wearing clothes less measured than before.

The daily need of water is 8 cups, always keep this amount of drinking daily, this will help you lose a lot of weight, especially if you drink water on the stomach at the beginning of the day, and water has many other benefits, including the treatment of headaches and heart problems and many Other things, and remember the words of God “and made of water all living things”
How to lose weight through vegetables?

When you start eating, start with a large bowl of vegetable salad, make more than 60% of your meal vegetables.
How to lose weight in full?

Yes, satiety, be careful not to eat for a long time, this will make you eat Bnham at the first opportunity to introduce food in front of you, and thus increase your weight multiplied by double, so do not make yourself a room for severe hunger.
How to lose weight with multiple meals?

Yes, many meals work to lose weight well, if you eat 3 meals a day, make it 6 meals, but the same amount, meaning that 6 small meals, better than 3 large meals, because the multiplicity of meals will activate your burning cycle, All the time.
How to lose weight in yogurt?

You go back to eating one day of yogurt before bedtime instead of dinner, and supper is enough reason to gain weight, because eating before bed is a powerful factor to gain weight.
How to lose weight by monitoring?

Do not eat without an account, before you start eating, put the amount you think is enough for you in your own pot, and decide that before you begin to eat that does not exceed this quantity, this will help you to lose weight well.
How to lose weight?

This is the golden advice and most importantly, nothing helps you lose weight more than the effort, for example, stop using the electric elevator and climb the ladder daily, reserve a garage for your car away from your home until you walk for 5 minutes, for example, Every day, even ten minutes, all these habits will help you lose weight in a dazzling way.
Reduce sugars and carbohydrates

These are foods that stimulate insulin secretion more than others. If you do not already know, Vasolulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body.

When insulin goes down, fat has an easier time out of fat stores and the body starts to burn fat instead of carbohydrates.
Eat protein, fat and vegetables

Diseases Associated With Eating Sushi

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Sushi may cause Infection and cause Death

Sushi, it’s a popular food. In Japan, it’s part of the national diet. In the United States, it’s my favourite for many. It’s often considered special treatment to be able to eat sushi.

Sushi actually refers to small balls or rolls of cold-cooked rice flavored vinegar which is gharnishad with vegetables, eggs, raw fish, or other foods. It should not include raw fish. It’s “Alsashimi” which are raw fish slices. However, sushi often includes raw fish.

It’s a special treat to be, and it’s often a costly meal. But is there any danger that we must recognize?

Risk of eating raw fish

Anisakis and other parasites.

Human infection by simple Anisakis (herring worm) and other thread worms, or round worms, can be caused by eating some raw or uncooked fish. Ingestion of a small worm can lead to severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting during hours of ingestion and false diagnosis as appendicitis or other stomach diseases. If worms do not get cough or vomiting, they can erupt into your gut walls and cause a local immune response. Worms eventually die and are removed by the immune system. In severe cases, there is a need for physical removal of worms by endoscopy or surgery to reduce pain. In rare and acute cases can cause allergic reactions. Albendazole (which may require lengthy treatment) can be used to treat light cases.

Vibrio, holy sacrificial bread.

Bacterial species, Vibrio barahaimolitikos, have been associated with the consumption of raw or uncooked fish and shellfish, especially oysters. Infection by these bacteria can cause symptoms including diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, and chills. Usually the infection is self-defined and usually does not require antibiotics.

Other types of Vibrio, Vibrio Volnivikos, were found in oysters, Walbetalinos, and lobster. In healthy people, swallowing this microbe can cause vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pains, but in people who suffer from liver disease or weakness of the immune system, microbes can enter the bloodstream, causing a life-threatening condition of blood poisoning.

Inflammation of the stomach and intestine of Vibrio volnivikos is rare, but it can happen at times. Instead, these microbes are more commonly associated with wound infections through open sores exposed to water that harbour bacteria. Examples of such scrap are when opening oysters or working on boats. These types of wound infections are the most severe in people who suffer from the weakness of the immune system.

Other infections

There are other infections that were connected to sushi. Allisteria, which is a special risk for pregnant women and immune, has been considered dangerous with sushi. There was also infection with salmonella and noroviros that were linked to sushi. Infection can also spread if sushi is not set up by handling food that has good hand hygiene. There are many infections (such as noroviros, hepatitis A and many diarrhoeal diseases) that can spread if those who deal with sick food and do not wash their hands properly (or stay at home from work if he is sick).

Should you avoid sushi?

The risk of eating raw or uncooked fish in the United States is very small, with less than 10 cases of Anisakis diagnosed each year (although many cases are likely not to be reported). There are other cases found in Japan but also Europe, South America, and other regions of the world. In addition, the Department of Food and Drugs has provided several guidelines for retailers who sell the intended fish to be eaten raw. These guidelines include the freezing of fish to-31 ° F for 15 hours or-4 °f for 7 days to kill parasites and physical examination known as “candle” for Worms.

Who should avoid raw fish?

Persons suffering from liver disorders or vulnerability in immune systems (i.e., young children, the elderly and pregnant women) are more vulnerable to the severe consequences of food-borne infections and should look more carefully at what they are addressing. With sushi, it will be important that fish come from a reputable source if eaten. At the same time, others avoid fish during pregnancy for other reasons, such as mercury levels. This is something to talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider about, as it is important not only to stay safe but also to limit yourself too much.

Sushi may cause Infection and cause parasite Death

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Sushi may cause Infection and cause Death

From Nigerian to Timaki, sushi flourished in popularity in the West, but now doctors warn of a less appetite trend: a rise in parasitic infections.

A team of doctors from Portugal raised fears after a 32-year-old man was hospitalized complaining of pain in his abdomen under his ribs, vomiting and a mild fever that lasted all week.

Endoscopy soon revealed the culprit: larvae of a kind of parasitic worm of Anisakis sex. Doctors indicate that this case, known as Alanisakia disease, is caused by the eating of uncooked or raw fish or contaminated seafood: the patient’s interrogation revealed that it had recently taken up sushi.

After the caterpillar was removed the man quickly recovered, and the doctors say.
Two views of the parasite, seen here are strongly attached to the area of the patient’s upper digestive tract.

Two views of the parasite, seen here are strongly attached to the area of the patient’s upper digestive tract. Picture: status Reports Carmo et

Writes in the magazine reports once a bag, warns the team that with sushi in vogue in the west, the consciousness of anisakisis is growing.

“Most of the cases in Japan were described as a result of dietary habits. However, it has been increasingly recognized in the Western countries, “referring to the Spanish study, which mentioned 25 cases over a three-year period from 1999 to 2002, with all the patients who eat raw material, as well as an Italian research that taught both Walsoshi and Alice on ways that individuals can get infected.

The Italian study added that medical professionals should be suspected of the case, patients must complain of severe abdominal pain after eating raw fish, pointing out that “no effective drug treatment is capable of killing larvae once eaten.”
Cooking Pork Safely: Science
Read more

In fact, as noted by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “the treatment of anisakisis may require the removal of the worm from the body through endoscopy or surgery.”

The authors of the latter report add that, along with the symptoms that appear in the Portuguese case, the situation can also lead to the emergence of a group of other symptoms including a severe allergic reaction, as well as complications such as digestive bleeding, bowel obstruction and cavity.

The Food Standards Agency noted that raw fish sometimes contained parasite larvae, but said that under European legislation for food hygiene, fish must be frozen, which must be eaten raw before being sold to consumers to ensure that any parasites are killed.

The Free Syrian Army added that fish and meat should be properly cooked according to the product’s instructions, but offer some advice to those who plan to make their own sushi.

“If you choose to make your sushi fish at home, make sure you follow a good recipe,” reported the Free Syrian Army. “If the wild fish should be eaten raw or lightly cooked, make sure that all parts, especially fish part, have been frozen for at least four days in the local refrigerator in-15c or colder. This will ensure the killing of any undiscovered anisakis larvae. “

19 Nutritional advice for you my lady during menopause

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Is a stage of life often raise concerns and fears in women is simply a drop in levels of estrogen in women and the interruption of the menstrual period for more than 6 months, which means the end of the stage of fertility it means menopause in childbearing, the inability to reproduce, a stage Normal biological transition in the age of women such as puberty, adolescence, pregnancy, childbirth and this phenomenon begins after the age of forty, but the average middle age, which stops at the age of 52 years and a few may occur in the late thirties.
Important tips and guidelines to reduce menopause symptoms:

Focus on the vitamins and minerals that the body needs during menopause, especially vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, omega-3 and calcium.
Too much soy and soy milk, tofu (soy cheese) because it contains a large amount of phytoestrogen, which is similar to estrogen, which is usually found in the body of a woman.
The use of mite sweat contains the substances of isflavum and glycerin, which increase the proportion of estrogen in the body.
Eating too much strawberry helps prevent menopause symptoms by keeping them in the urine, a compound that doubles the level of estrogen in the blood.
Eat celery is very necessary as the seeds of celery contains butyl dinephthalide chemical, which stimulates the flow of menstruation and also contains a large amount of beta-carotene, an antioxidant useful for menopause and fatigue resistance.
The herbs of chastity are very useful for women as they contain substances that help regulate the hormones and also help to regulate the menstrual cycle by increasing the hormone ovulation; thus reducing the hormone that activates the egg and raises the activity of estrogen.
The use of angelic grasses helps reduce vaginal dryness, reduce the heat associated with menopause and helps regulate the level of hormones in women.
Drink plenty of milk, dairy products and cheese to protect against osteoporosis due to loss of estrogen.
Flaxseed helps maintain a hormonal balance after the age of fifty, reduces high blood cholesterol, is beneficial for heart health and reduces signs of aging.
Eat more fish such as salmon, rich in fatty acids necessary to maintain the skin and prevent heart disease.
Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits that contain a high percentage of antioxidants and vitamins that are very essential for the health of women in menopause.
Keep drinking plenty of water at least 8 cups a day.
The need to reduce the intake of high-fat substances to avoid obesity.
Too much grapefruit helps reduce the symptoms associated with menopause because it is rich in flavonoids.
Regular exercise 3-4 times a week helps reduce menopause symptoms, helps strengthen bones and reduce osteoporosis.
Reduce the intake of coffee, alcohol, hot drinks and hot foods as it increases the severity of hot flashes the most common symptoms of menopause.
Take into account the comfortable sleep to calm the nerves and relieve the psychological pressure.
Use essential vitamins and supplements as needed or when necessary.
The need to quit smoking and avoid ultraviolet radiation because they accelerate the aging of the skin.

Food and exercise to reduce the hormone tension in the body

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Cortisol “Cortisol”:

It is a hormone secreted by the adrenal gland and plays an important role in the function of almost every part of the body.
Cortisol is responsible for stress levels in the body (Read also: Foods to fight stress and anxiety)
Cortisol levels increase during stress, physical or psychological stress during illness, exposure to trauma or surgery.
If stress levels remain high for a long period of time, they may cause adverse health consequences.

Foods that lift the hormone cortisol in the body:

Unsaturated fat: Considered one of the worst foods that increases cortisol levels in the body.
Refined sugar: Sugar in all its forms, especially refined, raises the level of cortisol in the body.
Caffeine: Drinking large amounts of tea and coffee increases cortisol levels in the body.
Low fiber foods: affect the levels of cortisol because it does not feel full and fullness and may cause disturbances in the process of removing the stool and this increases the tension and also upset the digestive system and this affects the level of cortisol hormone (Read also: dietary fiber and food balance Where lies secret? )
Alcohol: Elevates the levels of cortisol besides being toxic to the liver because it can not break it and this increases the internal tension of the body (Read also: the dangers of drinking alcohol and addiction)
Saturated animal fat: When eaten heavily, such as butter, eggs, whole fat milk and high-fat meats, you can increase cortisol levels (read also: saturated fat is associated with depression)

Steps to reduce cortisol hormone in the body:

Try to minimize the exposure to stress.
Get a deep sleep.
Work massage exercises, meditation and yoga.
Eat balanced, low-fat, sugary diets.
Focus on eating whole grain products rich in vitamins and fiber (Read also: Your Whole Grain Health Guide)
Eat plenty of omega-3 fish. (Read also: Facts About Omega 3)
Focus on eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B5, vitamin C, folic acid and zinc.
Drinking a glass of warm, skimmed milk before bedtime relieves stress.
Regular exercise (Read also: Healthy Sports)
Waking up early to benefit the body from the secretion of hormone cortisol.
Concentrate on eating certain types of foods that have been shown to help reduce cortisol such as spinach, beans, lemons, kiwi, fish, sardines, flaxseed, walnuts, basil and black chocolate (see also: How to use flax seed for weight loss)

Hence the importance of cortisol to the body.

Breast pain

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Breast pain is a symptom of many women, as well as a few men. The assessment of these pains is very important for distinguishing between the natural changes caused by hormonal disorders or for causes such as breast cancer. In one study involving 10,000 women (aged 46 years) who were examined for breast problems, breast pain accounted for 5% of the total number (see also: Scientific facts about breast cancer)
Causes of breast pain:
1. Periodic breast pain:

‘Two-thirds of cases’ This type of pain usually results before the menstrual cycle and is in the kidneys of the breasts.
These pains are caused by estrogen, progesterone, or prolactin.
Some hormonal medications may also be accompanied by such pain.
In most cases, the pain is simple, but in about 11% the pain is moderate to severe, affecting the activities of daily life.

2. Non-cyclic breast pain:

This type of pain does not follow the menstrual cycle, and is usually in one of the breasts.
Causes of non-periodic breast pain:

Large breasts, as a result of tightening the internal breast ligaments (see also: breast augmentation and breast feeding)
Diet and lifestyle: Although this factor is uncertain, stopping coffee or smoking leads to pain relief in a number of women.
Treatment of hormone replacement therapy: About a third of women of menopause who receive hormone replacement therapy complain of such pain (see also: Hormonal Replacement Therapy)
Inflammation of ductile ducts.
Breast and Breast Implants: Especially in Lactating Women.
Inflammatory breast cancer: In these cases the patient suffers from pain in one of the breasts with swelling and redness of the skin increasingly, accompanied sometimes by a change in the shape of the skin to become thick and like orange peel.
Other causes such as pregnancy, surface veinitis, bruising, previous operations, etc. (Read also: pregnancy symptoms by month of pregnancy)

Medical evaluation of the situation:

Accurate clinical examination by a doctor or specialist.
Radiographs such as mammogram and sonar.
Sometimes if the pain is clear that it is cyclical it does not need to be photographed.
If the pain is of a cyclical type, and clinical examination and radiographs are found to be normal, it is unlikely that the cause is breast cancer, then the precautionary measures may lead to pain relief.

Treatment of breast pain:

After reassuring that there are no more serious things like breast cancer, reassuring the patient is one of the most important things in the treatment.
1. Conservative treatment:

The type of nutrition and lifestyle are things that can help low fat meals, high complex carbohydrates. There are unconfirmed results about reducing caffeine, and using vitamin E to relieve pain.
Change the bra size to more fit with breast size.
Compresses warm water or light massage.

2. Drug therapy:

Some drugs that reduce inflammation such as diclofenac, aspirin, paracetamol in the form of pills or fats.
Stop or reduce hormone replacement therapy.
Danazol (Danazol) but has obvious side effects as it stimulates male hormones.


Most breast pain is accompanied by benign diseases, such as periodic pain, breast lumps, and fibrosis, usually breast cancers do not appear as pain in the breast.
The assessment includes clinical examination, accurate medical information and radiographs needed for each patient.
The treatment ranges from the precautionary to certain medical drugs after the exclusion of serious diseases such as cancer.

Read also:

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12 nutritional advice for vegetarians

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Vegetarianism ”:

They are people who do not eat meat, chicken and fish in their diet and eat only vegetarian food.
Vegetarians depend on grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and anything that is not vital for their daily diet.

Dietary advice for vegetarians:

Because of the dependence of vegetarians on vegetables and fruits, the most important characteristic of their meals is the high proportion of dietary fiber and this leads to a sense of satiety, control constipation and lower the proportion of calories because of the low fat intake.
People with vegetarians are less susceptible to chronic diseases than non-vegetarians. These include obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, gallstones, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases, and cancer. This is due to the nature and quality of nutrients consumed by vegetarians and their saturated fat Cholesterol and contain high dietary fiber, folic acid and antioxidants such as vitamin E, C and carotenoids. (Read also: Facts about obesity)
Vegetarians should take into account the nutrients and nutrients that vegetarians lack, such as vitamin D and vitamin B12, as well as iron, calcium and zinc. This deficiency can be overcome by dietary supplements and continuous medical analysis (see also: Calcium and Bone Health)
Many studies suggest that the fitness of vegetarians is more than twice as likely as fitness for meat eaters and that they are able to relax after hard exercise five times faster.
Many studies suggest that vegetarians are intelligent, live simply, economically, long-term, and less prone to disease and poisoning than non-vegetarians.
The trouble that vegetarians may suffer is the difficulty of diversification in vegetarian food, the processing of vegetarian food needs a long time and vegetarian food items are not tasty sometimes and may suffer from a lack of diversity in foods that suit them, especially on occasions and trips.
Vegetarian food contributes to lowering blood cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and reducing exposure to heart disease.
Due to the lack of calories in the plant foods so it is better to eat more than the meals to make sure to get all the necessary protein materials necessary for growth, especially children, pregnant and lactating and can increase the amount of energy gained by eating more than a few useful foods such as soy, legumes , Peanut butter, avocado, soy milk, whole-fat or fortified rice milk, and soy protein as an alternative to animal protein (See also: 6 Benefits of soy milk)
Vegetarians who work on weight loss programs and diets should include a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts, and the comparison of nutrients in the proportions indicated by food organizations, especially in the amount of energy required and the proportions of elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D and B12. : Benefits of vegetables and fruits on the body)
Vegetarians are more susceptible to B12 deficiency because they are not available in plant sources but are available in animal-based foods such as red meat, liver, kidneys, fish, cheese, eggs and milk. They should take vitamin B12 in tablets or needles regularly and under supervision. medical.
It is difficult to absorb iron from vegetables and fruits compared to iron available in meat so that it is easy to absorb. Therefore, they should concentrate on eating iron-rich foods such as red meat, especially liver, spinach, kidneys, egg yolk, spinach Sesame seeds, cinnamon, dried fruits such as apricot and figs, grains and nuts, and more foods that help absorb iron from food better, such as foods rich in vitamin C.
Vegetarians receive a low percentage of zinc, so it is preferable to concentrate on foods rich in zinc from plant sources such as legumes, nuts, nuts and soy foods.

My 5 year old son was hit by diarrhea, vomiting and stomach gases. I visited a doctor

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Heart Murmurs have nothing to do with gas, diarrhea and vomiting. What to do is to look for the cause and treat it, especially to compensate for what the child is losing from water and electrolytes. Heart failure should never be neglected. It is necessary to introduce the child to a cardiologist and pediatrician. And determine the type and cause to determine the type of treatment to be followed

I suffer from chronic constipation from year

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What is suffering is constipation and possibly blood droplets also cause constipation and what can cause the occurrence of a result of the hardness of the stool so you should change the food system and rely on foods full of fiber, such as vegetables and fruits and must increase the intake of water at least 8 wab daily and immediately after waking up directly from 2 to 3 cups warm and the rest before the food and dinner and before sleep Walking sport is very useful and help to move the bowel This is a natural way to fight constipation and you should continue and return yourself to this system in the food

Health and Medical News: MedlinePlus

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Health news from HealthDay, plus recent press announcements from major medical organizations.

Thursday, April 20

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  • Seniors’ Well-Being May Get a Boost from Green SpacesHealthDaySmall study detects positive brain changes from urban oases

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  • What’s the Best Seasonal Allergy Med for Your Kid?HealthDayWealth of options may leave moms and dads wondering which kind and how much to give, survey finds

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  • When Parents Get Vaccinated, Their Kids Do TooHealthDayFlu shot study showed that healthy vaccination practices may run in the family

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