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Chinese prosecutors accuse bribery of former officials

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China’s Supreme Public Prosecutors announced that bribery charges have been brought against the former head of China’s National Bureau of Statistics Wang Baoan and former deputy governor of southwest China’s Sichuan Province Li Zhenjun.

Wang faces the charge of using his position as assistant, deputy finance minister and head of the National Bureau of Statistics to provide benefits to others in exchange for large amounts of money and property as a bribe, according to an official statement published here Tuesday. Prosecutors filed similar charges against Li.

Meanwhile, China’s top anti-corruption body announced on Sunday that 11,337 officials were punished in 7,588 cases for misconduct and discipline in the first three months of this year.

The Commission, officially known as the Supreme Discipline Control Committee of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), said the granting of unauthorized bonuses was the most common misconduct, followed by the misuse of public vehicles and the giving or receiving of gifts.

In late 2012, the Communist Party of China (CPC) had set out in its eight-point list the rules on austerity measures to curb undesirable work practices, which are a form of corruption.

Roma vs Pescara preview

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Spain midfielder Ander Herrera, directo Pescara vs roma in diretta en vivo Streaming gratis e diretta live stream online free the Manchester United midfielder, has called on his colleagues to support Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo after they have been cut in the recent crucifixion. Their absence has been confirmed for as long as January.
Ibra and Herrera Ibra and Herrera

The Manchester United midfielder said in comments quoted by the Daily Express newspaper that Ibra and Rojo needed the support of all during this period after suffering a cruciate ligament during the Anderlecht clash last Thursday in the quarterfinals of the European League Europa League.

Herrera added that all Manchester United players are happy to beat Anderlecht 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the Europa League and qualify for the semifinals of the tournament and decided to give it to the two Ibra and Rojo who live a difficult moment after suffering the crucifixion. This is the ordeal.
Herrera calls on Manchester United to support Ibra and Rojo

Herrera praises Ibra and Rojo and confirms his support for them after being wounded by the Crusader

On Ibrahimovic, Herrera said the Swede had one of the best bodies he had seen throughout his career for football players, and that his return after injury would be much easier than the stars he had experienced in the past.

Herrera praised Zadlan Ibrahimovic, the legend of Sweden and the star of Manchester United, asserting that he is 35 years old and that he loves training every day and wants to win everything, asking him to be patient and work hard to return to his former after recovery from injury.

On the other hand, Manchester United midfielder Markus Rojo said he was going through the best moments of his career with the Red Devils. He is one of the best defenders in the world and it is difficult for any player to win the joint.

Washington’s UN: North Korea’s leader a failed and “paranoid”

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Niki Hailey, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, has not ruled out a strike against North Korea if Pyongyang tests another nuclear test.

In several television interviews on Monday, Hailie hailed China’s participation in trying to pressure North Korea to stop the missile test, criticizing its leader Kim Young-un as “unstable” and suffering from paranoia.

“We will not do anything unless we are given a reason to do something,” Hailie said in televised remarks, such as attacking a US military base or using an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Asked what would happen if North Korea tested another missile or a nuclear device, Hailie told the BBC: “I think then the president will intervene and decide what will happen,” according to the Associated Press.

Conservative candidate in the elections of the presidency of Iran

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Iran’s conservative presidential candidate Mustafa Merslim has said he will not withdraw from the presidential race for any of the other candidates, in response to calls by three conservative candidates who hope to withdraw at least two candidates or a candidate to prevent the split.

Merslim, who heads the central consultative council of a combined party, told Iranian websites that he had contested the elections based on his experiences in order to win over his rivals.

Iran’s Fars news agency quoted the conservative candidate as saying he would abide by the nuclear deal and said Iran had been unfair in the nuclear deal, but said the achievements of the nuclear deal would not be realized.

He considered that one of his priorities in the presidential elections serve the disadvantaged and reduce the unemployment rate, especially in disadvantaged areas, stressing the need for Iranians to enjoy their rightful place.

Trump and his daughter “Ivanka” talking with the leaders of the agency “NASA”

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US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka held a videoconference on Monday with Commander Biggie Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fisher of NASA on the International Space Station from the White House Oval Office in Washington. , And the conversation was attended by space pioneer at NASA, Kate Robbins.

In late March, US President Donald Trump signed a law raising the budget of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), funded the agency’s Earth Sciences program, and the goal of reaching Mars by 2030.

President Trump said the law would support NASA’s main mission in space exploration and would help it contract with private airlines such as the manufacture of spacecraft, US radio Sawa reported.

Trump wrote to his Twitter account after signing the decision that his administration “supports scientists, engineers and NASA astronauts in their quest for discoveries.”

The law calls for an increase in NASA’s budget to $ 19.5 billion, slightly more than President Trump’s budget proposal to Congress, which proposed $ 19.1 billion for the agency.

The resolution also aims to send a human crew to Mars by 2030 and explore human habitation on this planet.

Macron y Le Pen se enfrentarán en segunda vuelta en Francia

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Le Pen promete sacar a Francia de la UE; Macron aboga a favor de una mayor cooperación con el bloque. Por lo tanto, la segunda vuelta electoral será el equivalente a un referéndum sobre el futuro de Francia en la UE.

Tras anunciarse los resultados el primer ministro del país Bernard Cazeneuve llamó a los votantes a rechazar a Le Pen y a votar por Macron en la segunda vuelta.

Poco después Le Pen pronunció un discurso declarándose ganadora y advirtiendo que el debate sobre la globalización está abierto. Dijo que ella es “la gran alternativa” en la contienda electoral.

Por su parte el candidato socialista Benoit Hamon aceptó su derrota en la primera ronda, pero aseguró que “la izquierda no ha muerto” y pidió a los franceses votar por Macron.

“¡Vamos a ganar!”, gritaban partidarios de Le Pen en su comando de campaña en Henin-Beaumont. Cantaron el himno nacional francés, ondearon banderas francesas que llevaban las palabras “Marine President”.

En tanto, Mathilde Julien, partidaria de Macron, dijo que éste “representa a Francia, una Francia dentro de Europa”.

Entre fuertes medidas de seguridad, los franceses votaron desde primera hora de la mañana del domingo en la primera ronda de las elecciones presidenciales, considerada una prueba para la expansión del populismo en todo el mundo.

Más de 50.000 policías y gendarmes vigilan los 66.000 centros de votación habilitados en todo el país para los comicios, que se producen después del ataque del jueves en los Campos Elíseos de París, en el que murieron un agente y el agresor.

Sensitivity of latex

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I came to the clinic with a beautiful three-year-old child, the second day of her birthday with a swollen lips and a light cough. I asked her parents what I ate or what I played. The answer was more balloon blowing. Where the red color appeared around her mouth and after 8 hours: – Sleeping in this case, and said that his daughter suffers from the sensitivity of bananas only and did not eat banana a week ago, I asked her father Is anyone suffering from any sensitivity? He replied that the mother of the child suffers from allergies of pineapple, bananas and can not wear rubber gloves because they cause it strong itching, and then known that the child suffers from the sensitivity of latex.
What is latex:

Is the material from which natural rubber products are manufactured.
A product made from milky fluid derived from the rubber tree “Hevea brasiliensis” which is found in Africa and Southeast Asia.
The body of the patient with the sensitivity of latex misses the recognition of latex and considers it a harmful substance.
Latex allergies can cause allergic reactions ranging from sneezing or runny nose to shock, a potentially life-threatening condition. (Read also: Sneezing Automatic rejuvenation of the body)

Understanding latex sensitivity and familiarity with the common sources of ATX will help prevent allergic reactions in oneself or anyone else.
Latex is found in:

Balloons and balls.
Industrial Sponge.
Diving Tools.
Sports shoes and bags.
Packing equipment, gloves and respiratory masks.
Tubes, valves, tubes, trachea, nose and pharynx.
Rubber tires.
Curtains, doors, windows and mattresses.
Insulation materials, Electrical cables, adhesive tapes
Elastic bandages, stamps and envelopes.

Symptoms of latex sensitivity:

Symptoms may be immediate and appear immediately or after about 15 minutes after contact with latex.
Redness of the skin, swelling, itching and difficulty in breathing, as happened with the small child. (Read also: Problem related to difficulty breathing)
Red eye.
The symptoms can be even more serious.
Symptoms of latex sensitivity may appear late and appear after about two days in the form of eczema.

Types of allergic reactions:
1 – irritating contact dermatitis:

Not a real allergy.
It can be due to sweating or friction that occurs under gloves.
The rash often occurs in people wearing protective gloves, such as health and dental workers. (Read also: Heat rash: Symptoms and treatment)
The conjunctivitis usually makes irritating skin appear red, dry and cracked.

2 – allergic contact dermatitis:

Reaction to latex or chemical additives used during manufacturing.
The rash usually begins in parts that have been in contact with the latex of the skin, and may then spread to other areas.
It is also possible to develop blisters and roughness.

3. Overly sensitive response to the immune system:

This response is a real sensitivity of latex that leads to shock.

The sensitivity of latex can be associated with food allergies such as pineapple, bananas, kiwi, mango, melon, papaya, peach, spinach and tomatoes (read also: food allergy symptoms and treatment)
Diagnosis of latex sensitivity:

Test the skin prick.
Measure the proportion of globulin E in the blood, but the result of the test by acupuncture is more accurate and possible to know within a third of an hour.
If the symptoms of latex sensitivity are delayed, the late skin test should be performed by applying the test patches, which is to place the material for 3 days on the skin “patch test”

Treatment of latex sensitivity:

Keep away from latex and avoid it.
Carry a bag prescribed by the doctor and used in dangerous cases containing antihistamines, cortisone and adrenaline (Read also: How to resist the sensitivity of spring)
A latex free environment is essential especially in the operating room before surgery and latex gloves should be worn.

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Malaysia is seeking 31.8 million tourists and offering 2017 tourism products

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Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Culture Dato Mohammad Nazari Abdul Aziz will lead a Malaysian delegation consisting of 142 participants representing 71 Malaysian tourism organizations at the Arab Travel and Tourism Market (ATM), scheduled to be held from 24 to 27 April 2017 in Dubai. At the same time, For government travel and companies “to carry out tourism promotion programs in Malaysia in cooperation with the Malaysian Tourism Authority to attract more tourists from the Gulf countries to visit Malaysia.

The Malaysian delegation will include a number of hotels, resorts and tour operators, representatives of tourism agencies from different Malaysian states and a number of tourism product and service providers. The Malaysian participation aims to highlight the most important tourism products designed to meet the needs of the Middle East markets.

Malaysia received more than 26.8 million tourists last year, an increase of 4.0 percent over the year 2015, in which Malaysia received about 25.7 million tourists. Malaysia is looking forward to receiving some 31.8 million foreign tourists during the year 2017. Malaysia is looking forward to its vision of 2020 to receive more than 36 million foreign tourists in that year and revenue of 168 billion Malaysian ringgit.

Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister will officially open the Malaysian pavilion on Monday 24 April 2017, followed by the launch of the Salam Standard Premium travel portal by the Islamic Tourism Center of Malaysia (ITC) and the launch of the Muslim Travel Guide by the Halal Authority in Penang In addition to holding a number of meetings and interviews with various media during the press conference accompanying the opening ceremony

Trezeguet supports Muscrone’s list to face Sink in the Euro league qualifiers

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MOSCOWON, Germany (Reuters) – Mouscron, who is a member of Egyptian team Mahmoud Tarzeguet, has unveiled the match for the Group 8 qualifier on Sunday evening in the second round of qualifying for the next edition of Eurobaleague.

The official website of the Muscron Club in the social networking site “Twitter” said that the list of tomorrow’s game saw the presence of Mahmoud Trezeguet, the Egyptian midfielder.

Moscron is in fourth place in Group B with three points, while Genk top the table with 9 points.

Mahmoud Trezeguet managed to lead Muscroon to a 5-0 victory over Rosalar in Saturday’s match, where the Egyptian Pharaoh managed to score two goals for the first time in his European career.

It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Trezeguet is currently playing in the ranks of Moscron on loan, until the end of the season from Anderlecht

Protestors roam Paris to warn the new president of the negligence of the labor law

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The French newspaper Le Figaro said more than 2,000 people took part in a demonstration on Saturday in the square of the Republic in the heart of the French capital of Paris, in response to the calls of about 70 trade unions to warn the next president of the need to pay attention to the labor law and preserve the social rights of citizens.

The marchers marched from the Republic Square to a number of places in the direction of Bastille, shouting slogans of general strike if their demands were ignored by the new president or violating his promises, as did the current President François Hollande. One of the organizers noted that since January, Consideration of labor law.