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Billion estimates of losses due to Hurricane “Erma”

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Hurricane Erma has caused devastation across Caribbean countries worth nearly $ 10 billion, the most expensive to hit countries and islands in the region, disaster risk experts estimated Friday.

The estimates cover about 12 islands and areas hit by the cyclone, as well as projections of destruction in the Torx and Caicos Islands, which are in the cyclone track, according to the Disaster Management Center and risk reduction technology in Germany.

“The cost of the losses is likely to be $ 10 billion in the Caribbean,” said James Daniel, head of the Center’s disaster analysis group. “It’s a huge loss.”

The Netherlands suffered the largest losses ($ 2.5 billion), the US Virgin Islands ($ 2.45 billion), the French St Martin ($ 1.55 billion) and the British Virgin Islands ($ 1.4 billion).

Hurricane Puerto Rico did not hit the United States, but it is expected to cause losses of $ 790 million, the center estimates.

The $ 10 billion does not include the expected losses in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where the high population density is expected to hit them later.

The cost could be as high as $ 120 billion if the US is included in the loss estimates.

Hurricane Erma is expected to hit Florida on Saturday night.

Some 1.2 million people have been affected by the cyclone so far, according to the Red Cross, which has confirmed that the figure is up to 26 million

Leganes vs Getafe Preview

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The sensitive personal data of 143 million Equifax credit card Leganés Getafe en vivo y en directo online: Liga Santander en directo live streaming free Por Internet transmisión TV 5 Septiembre 2017 Online hoy: ver horarios y canales ver partido customers in the United States has been compromised by cybercriminals, in one of the biggest data breaches in US history.

“I apologize to our consumers and business customers for the concern and frustration that followed, and we are proud to have a leading role in data management and protection,” said Richard F Smith, chairman and chief executive officer of the company. Security period. ”

According to the US ibtimes website, criminals can use information to reveal people’s identities and engage in fraudulent activities that can significantly affect customers and future operations.

Three of the company’s top executives sold their shares in the company after the discovery of the breach, but before the public was informed, and since the public announcement of the incident, the company’s share price has dropped by more than 13%.

Although consumer and commercial credit databases were not affected, the company stated that pirates had access to social security numbers, birth dates and customer addresses between mid-May and July 2017. In addition, credit card numbers affected some 209,000 consumers .
Breakthrough Data Breakthrough Data.

FX Network: American Horror Story season 7 episode 2 Subtitles

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Google has entered the final Ver American Horror Story Online Gratis stage of Observa online, completa y gratis la serie de FX Network: American Horror Story Temporada 7 Capítulo 2 subtítulos con audio original, libre de publicidad. Disfrútalo!! en Nukleo Series American Horror Story: Cult 7×02: tráiler, claves y dónde ver EN VIVO ONLINE episodio 2 subtítulos negotiations with Taiwan-based smart phone maker HTC to acquire its smart phone segment, but no Español Latino Online information has yet been given on the deal, A partnership between Google and HTC or it is a complete acquisition.

Estreno en Estados Unidos: Martes 12 de Septiembre 2017

According to the Dutch website TNW, the negotiations did not point to Google’s acquisition of Vive VR, while some attributed the move by HTC as a result of the company’s inability to withstand the smartphone market significantly, There have been a number of large companies dominating the market.

On the other hand, Google has long been interested in the smart phone industry, which launched a number of smart phones, including the series “Pixel”, while preparing to launch phones 2 pixel next month, in an attempt to compete with Samsung and Apple and others, which is Would return HTC to the competition list significantly.

Oklahoma State vs South Alabama preview

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The United Nations on Friday expressed concern Oklahoma State vs South Alabama live stream free watch online ncaaover South Sudan’s announcement of elections next year as civil war continues to tear the country apart.

In a statement to the UN Security Council, African Union (AU) envoy Hely Mankrios said the elections scheduled for 2018 threaten to deepen and expand the ongoing conflict in the country. A stable environment where people are not displaced by violence and hunger and are also able to express their political views away from intimidation.

The government in southern Sudan announced the end of last month elections next year, and the elections are the first vote on the leadership of President Silva Kiir since the country’s independence from Sudan in 2011, and the presidential elections scheduled for 2015, postponed by the civil war.

Ncaa: Alcorn State vs Florida Intl preview

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The British Ministry of Defense announced its plan to Alcorn State vs Florida Intl live stream free watch online deploy a group of rescue workers to support the Caribbean islands due to Hurricane Erma, which caused the death of several people and heavy material damage there.

Six-meter-high waves are expected to hit the Turks and Caicos islands, where communications have been cut off. The extent of the damage caused by the cyclone, which has declined to the fourth degree, is still unclear, but remains a threat.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said helicopters and aircraft would be sent along with a rescue crew of Marines, engineers and medical consultants. The main objective of the rescue mission was to remove debris from the roads and provide support for the cyclone-affected areas, a Defense Ministry spokesman said.

A group of experts in several fields will be sent to the region following the storm of the fifth category, which killed at least 10 people, the Independent newspaper reported in a report on its website Friday. On the destruction of railways.

It is noteworthy that the area of ​​Puerto Rico suffered heavy losses and became nearly one million people there without electricity, while the storm destroyed most buildings on the island of Barbuda, which led to the displacement of about 60% of the island’s population of about 1400 people.

Hurricane Irma struck the islands of Turks and Caicos today, as the storm continued to advance through the Caribbean and near Florida. The first hurricane warnings were issued to parts of Florida as the state prepares for what could be a catastrophic blow over the weekend.

French, British and Dutch military authorities rushed to help the devastated islands in the Caribbean, killing at least 11 people and sending warships, planes loaded with food, water and soldiers after the hurricane destroyed houses, schools and roads and dumped waste on some of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview

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The Hijab is Beautiful: Designers Defy watch Game of Thrones Season 7 final online episode streaming free Trump in the Fashion Week,” the Guardian newspaper said. The hijab and gowns topped the New York Fashion Week, with Indonesian designers displaying veils in the hope of changing the West’s look. For this kind of dress, as they put it.

We just want to show the world that we can still be so beautiful and elegant with a headscarf, “said designer Diane Pilangi, 26, who has about 5 million followers in Anstagram.

Belangi was one of five Indonesian designers who presented a variety of fashion items during the first day of Fashion Week in Chelsea’s New York City district.

Belangi presented an elegant collection of colorful Indonesian costumes covering women from head to toe, including full skirts, wide pants and loose jackets. The collection included models of women wearing scarves wrapped over and under headgear, inspired by patterns of fashion, fabrics and colors that were thriving in Europe In the Middle Ages.

Belangi drew inspiration from New York’s best-selling book by American photographer Brandon Stanton, who documents the diversity of New York, home to 8.5 million people.

Big Brother season 19, episode 34 Preview

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The Black Caucus will hold a meeting next week to discuss How to watch Big Brother season 19, episode 34 online free streaming download whether to demand the removal of President Donald Trump, Newsweek magazine reported. After Trump reacted to the bloody violence at a march of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia last month, the bloc’s chairman, Cedric Richmond, said the 49-member group would discuss whether or not Trump could be removed when Congress convenes after the August holiday.

Date: Thursday, September 7
Start Time: 9:00 pm EST
Episode: Season 19, Episode 34
TV Channel: CBS

The talks will take place next Wednesday, one of the group’s workers told the magazine. While the discussions were tentatively expected at this week’s meeting, Hurricane Harvey’s relief efforts and the expectations of Hurricane Erma were a priority. Giving them background information on the isolation currency and details of all federal officials who have been dismissed.

The bloc was among the first in Congress to demand the resignation of former President Richard Nixon, who was introduced in 1973. A year later, Nixon resigned after his dismissal was almost certain.

Eminem say Donald Trump: leads unleashes “When I say f—, you say Trump” Video

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British Prime Minister Teresa Mae has sought, in an unprecedented step, to reform the parliamentary system to gain more powers before Britain leaves the European Union (BRIC), the Independent newspaper reported on Friday.

Eminem Does Not Support Donald Trump | The FADER In a show in Scotland, Eminem expressed his discontent with Donald Trump. He wore a shirt that read “Fack Donald Trump.” Beyond that he …
Eminem Says ‘Motherf!*k Donald Trump’ During Show in Scotland – XXL , Eminem unleashes on Donald Trump in new song, “No Favors … Eminem unleashed on President Donald Trump in a profanity-laced verse on “No Favors” — a song off fellow Big Sean’s “I Decided” album, Classy: Rapper Emin

Eminem in Reading Festival “When I say Fuck, you say Trump”

The House of Commons voted yesterday evening to secure the Conservative Party’s use of the so-called “Henry VIII Authority” to draft new laws without consultation with parliamentarians, which will be set up next week, the newspaper said in a report posted on its website.

Opposition parties accused the parliament, the prime minister, of leading a campaign to neutralize it and ensure unprecedented powers for ministers, despite promises to restore the independence of parliamentarians.

The Conservative Party needs the support of the Union Democratic Party to ensure that it votes in favor of laws giving the Conservatives more power, which is strongly opposed by the opposition parties to the prime minister

Argentine player: Sampaoli sells illusion

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Former international player Claudio Borge, a member of Argentina’s 1986 World Cup winner in Mexico, said his compatriot Jorge Sampaoli had come to the Albiceleste to sell the illusion, although he was described as a “good coach” “bad person”.

“In a country where a lot of things are sold, he came to sell the illusion. He has caught my attention and the attention of photographers and cameras. He is a good coach but I do not like him personally,” Borji told local Miter radio.

The dispute between Borge and Sambaole began since the latter came as coach of Chile in 2012, succeeding his compatriot Borgei, and believes that it has directly affected the decision to dismiss him.

“I have two opinions about Sampaoli, he’s a bad guy, he’s not trained anywhere in the world and he always uses tricks to go up, but he’s a very good coach and he has very positive results in Chile.”

Ever since the former Sevilla coach took charge of the Albiceleste, Lionel Messi’s side drew 1-1 with Uruguay and then drew 1-1 in Buenos Aires against Venezuela (1-1) to remain the world champion twice (1978 and 1986) South qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia with 24 points before two rounds of the end.

“The team always runs, does not have a format, and plays individually more than a team, playing in this way is difficult,” he said.

“Playing with three players in the back is nothing new. Billardo did the same at the 1986 World Cup. To play three players in the back, you have to have a good midfielder. Playing with three defenders requires a lot of effort.”

He said his biggest concern was that the players would lose “trust in the coach” and start playing “in their own way” in the last two rounds of qualifying.

Arda Turan goes to Galata Sarai for two seasons

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Barcelona midfielder Arda Toran has agreed to move to Turkey’s Galata Sarai for two years on loan before the summer transfer market closes on Friday evening in Turkey, Barcelona Radio reported.

Cetalonia added that the absence of Tauran from the training of the Catalan team on Thursday was not due to injury as announced by the club, but to terminate its agreement with the Turkish club, so as not to be injured.

The Turkish star is linked to a contract with Barcelona to reach 2020, after reaching the Catalan team in the summer of 2015 from Atletico Madrid for 34 million euros, but failed to hold a key position in the formation of Barça.

Barcelona are set to face Espanyol on Saturday in the Catalonia derby in the third round of the Liga.