Samsung unveils pink version of Notte 8

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Samsung announced its new phone Notte 8 in New York last week with four color options: black, gold, gray and blue. Today, the fifth option is pink. The South Korean company unveiled the new version of the phone in Taiwan, dubbed “star pink.”
Note 8

According to the Gsmarena website, a number of sources have revealed that pink color controls 30% of sales of all smart phones in Taiwan, so Samsung decided to put a copy of its new phone in this color, and all parts of the phone turned to the new color, including the pen S Pen, The South Korean company will be able to change the display, and the dual camera setting has not changed.
New version of Note 8 new version of Note 8

The new version of the phone carries the same specifications, including a 6.3-inch screen, with the Xenos 8895 processor, 6 GB RAM and 64GB internal memory, with a microSD slot up to 256 GB.

Google Maps supports a feature that makes it easy to park your car

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Google has unveiled a new update to the Google Maps service, including the Search for Parking feature, which will include a list of nearby parking and garages, giving the user directions to make it easier to access.

According to the Indian website gsmarena, the feature works seamlessly, but it is only available on the Android system at first, and the first 25 cities to get the feature are available in the United States.

The new feature comes after the addition of the parking difficulty option at the beginning of 2017, which allows the user to know the time it takes in the corner of his car when he arrives at the destination he wants. The mapping service determines the difficulty of the car corner by displaying a scale that includes easy, medium and difficult.

Merkel demands Turkey release German prisoners

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on the Turkish government to release the Germans who were arrested in Turkey following an attempted military action there last summer.

Merkel said, according to the news agency “ABC” America on Tuesday, “we renew our demand clearly is the release of citizens detained there,” stressing that Turkey has launched an campaign of “unjustified” detention of German citizens, and described the stage of German relations – Turkish as “very complex”.

“I wish for much better relations between Berlin and Ankara, but we have to look at the reality that bilateral relations are going through at the moment,” the German chancellor said.

The 10 Germans detained for political reasons in Turkey, including journalist Deniz Yogel, translator Misalli Tolo and human rights activist Peter Stoitner. They face charges of supporting terrorists.

China plans to stay in disputed mountainous area with India

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China announced on Tuesday that its army would continue patrolling a disputed Himalayan region after removing Monday the two-month military tension with India.

Indian and Chinese soldiers have been on standby since mid-June on the mountainous Dokalam Plateau at the intersection of India, China and Bhutan after India sent troops to prevent China from building a military road.

“Chinese troops will continue to be stationed and patrolling the Doklam Plateau, and we will continue to assert our sovereignty, in accordance with international agreements,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Xunying said in a meeting with reporters.

The Indian government announced on Monday that India and China had agreed to disengage from the military, and New Delhi explained that the withdrawal includes Indian and Chinese troops.

China has not specifically identified the area in which it will continue to patrol.

Asked if China would stop the actions of its neighbor, the spokeswoman said Beijing “will take into account a range of factors, including weather conditions, before implementing any infrastructure project, including road construction.”

China considers the route to be in its territory. India sees it as located in Bhutanese territory and does not demand anything from New Delhi but intervened because of its role in protecting Bhutan internationally.

UN condemns North Korea’s new missile test

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned North Korea’s firing of a new ballistic missile on Tuesday.

The missile test undermines regional security and stability and efforts to create space for dialogue, Guterich said, according to Britain’s Sky News.

Earlier this morning, North Korea launched a new ballistic missile off the coast of Japan, launching an international campaign of condemnation.
The launch follows Pyongyang’s announcement of its experience of what it said was a new type of ballistic missile capable of carrying large-scale nuclear warheads

Russia: We seek to convince America to abide by the nuclear agreement with Iran

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov revealed Tuesday that Moscow is trying to persuade the United States to maintain its commitment to the nuclear agreement with Iran, which is called the “Comprehensive Joint Action Plan”.

“Russia is currently working to convince the US leadership to maintain the implementation of the comprehensive joint action plan on Iran’s nuclear program,” Ryabkov said in remarks published by the Russian news agency Sputnik.

He explained that if the United States decides, under any circumstances, to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, any party that comes out of the agreement will carry an irreparable blow to international security and regional

young man infiltrates an airport security in Britain and travels with his girlfriend’s passport

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The newspaper “The Independent” that a man traveled from London to Germany aboard the airline, “EasyJet” British using the passport of his girlfriend, which appears in the form of “the passport” with long yellow hair, unlike Michael Randall short hair.

Michael Randall, a technician working for McLaren Formula 1, passed security checks at Gatwick airport unhindered and later showed the travel document to the crew when he was on the plane to Berlin, the newspaper said.

He accidentally took his girlfriend’s passport when he left his home in Stennis, Middlesex in the early hours of the morning.

But authorities in Berlin eventually learned that he used Charlotte’s passport and questioned his girlfriend for 90 minutes before being finally allowed to enter the city on a one-day visa.

“It is terrible to travel to this extent without being detected with a wrong passport,” said Randall, 23, who must verify the name written on the passport and whether it matches the name on the boarding pass, but it is clear that it did not do so. that.”

“It’s very worrying. I do not look like Charlotte.”

Belarusian Ministry of Defense: NATO maneuvers pose no threat to our national security

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Belarus’s deputy defense minister, General Oleg Belokonev, said that Minsk does not consider NATO military exercises to be a threat to national security.

“NATO is carrying out military maneuvers one by one, especially military exercises near the Belarusian border, which Belarus regards as an attempt by NATO countries to explore a battlefield,” Beluskonev was quoted by the TASS news agency as saying at a news conference on Tuesday. New”.

It is worth mentioning that Russia is preparing to conduct military exercises “Zabad” with Belarus, next month, which is expected to participate in the 100 thousand soldiers, in light of differences with Western countries

A Turkish model kills a famous actor and commits suicide

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The former Turkish model, Veliz Akir, committed suicide after killing the famous Turkish actor and actor Watan Shashmaz. Akir fired fire at the actor last Sunday evening at the Konrad Hotel in the Besiktas district of Istanbul. The hotel management then contacted the police and reported the incident, according to the Turkish daily Zaman.

Police found the location of Shashmaz and Akir dead, and the Turkish representative was found to have been shot with three bullets in the back, and one shot killed Akir.

According to the footage taken by the surveillance cameras, no one entered the room except Akir, and investigations revealed that she had killed Shashmaz, and then committed suicide.

CNN: Donald Trump, son, will testify before a Senate committee

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The eldest son of US President Donald Trump has agreed to testify in closed session before the Senate Judiciary Committee investigating allegations of Russian interference in the US election, CNN reported Tuesday.

This came weeks after he was invited to testify publicly in a hearing in July, and spokespersons of the committee did not respond to requests to comment on the report