Francois Fillon suspends his activity in “Republicans”

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French presidential candidate Francois Fillon announced in a statement on Monday after a meeting of the leadership of the Republican Party, which gave up playing any major party role in the coming period, after the loss that was overthrown in the first round of presidential elections held on Sunday .

According to the French channel “France 24,” Fillon stressed that it will not be part of the next stage within the party, which precedes the parliamentary elections scheduled for June.

French right-wing candidate Francois Fillon has called for a vote in favor of independent candidate Emmanuel Macaron in the second round of French elections scheduled for May 7 in the face of Le Pen.

Cancel the meeting of the German foreign minister after meeting with organizations critical of Israel

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened to cancel his meeting Tuesday with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel if he meets with representatives of two Israeli human rights organizations criticizing the government.

An Israeli official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP, “Netanyahu threatened to cancel the meeting if he met with the organizations Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem.

“Breaking the Silence” monitors violations by the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territories, while B’Tselem is active in documenting attacks and defending human rights, and has strongly opposed the construction of Israeli settlements.

The cancellation of the meeting between Netanyahu and Gabriel is a rare step, but it is in line with the right-wing Israeli government’s position on human rights organizations.

“We are told by the Israeli media that Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom I met repeatedly, wants to cancel this meeting just because we meet with critical representatives of civil society,” Gabriel told German public television.

“It is difficult to imagine that this will happen, because it will be very unfortunate,” he said. “It is normal for our visits abroad to meet with representatives of civil society,” he said. “We can not imagine that we will cancel a meeting with Netanyahu during a visit to Germany if Met with critics of the German government. ”

Last July, the Israeli parliament passed a law forcing non-governmental organizations, which receive the bulk of their funding from foreign governments, to officially declare the funding, in a move interpreted as targeting leftist organizations critical of the government, notably “breaking the silence” and ” (B’Tselem).

In February, Israel reprimanded the Belgian ambassador after a meeting between the Prime Minister of Belgium and two left-wing Israeli organizations during his visit to Israel

Chinese prosecutors accuse bribery of former officials

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China’s Supreme Public Prosecutors announced that bribery charges have been brought against the former head of China’s National Bureau of Statistics Wang Baoan and former deputy governor of southwest China’s Sichuan Province Li Zhenjun.

Wang faces the charge of using his position as assistant, deputy finance minister and head of the National Bureau of Statistics to provide benefits to others in exchange for large amounts of money and property as a bribe, according to an official statement published here Tuesday. Prosecutors filed similar charges against Li.

Meanwhile, China’s top anti-corruption body announced on Sunday that 11,337 officials were punished in 7,588 cases for misconduct and discipline in the first three months of this year.

The Commission, officially known as the Supreme Discipline Control Committee of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), said the granting of unauthorized bonuses was the most common misconduct, followed by the misuse of public vehicles and the giving or receiving of gifts.

In late 2012, the Communist Party of China (CPC) had set out in its eight-point list the rules on austerity measures to curb undesirable work practices, which are a form of corruption.

Catholic organizations agree with Ethiopia to create the first human corridor to Italy

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Representatives of two Italian Catholic organizations, Caritas and Sant’Egidio, agreed with the Ethiopian authorities in Addis Ababa on the creation of a safe human corridor to reach Italy, the Migrant News website reported on Monday.

The project aims at the transfer of 500 Eritrean, South Sudanese and Somali refugees currently residing in Ethiopian refugee camps to Italy over the next two years. This will be the first humanitarian corridor to operate from the continent of Africa. Ethiopia is the first country in the continent in terms of refugee numbers. There are 850,000 refugees there.

The establishment of these humanitarian corridors is part of an agreement between the Italian Government and the Conference of Italian Bishops, following the approval of the Italian Government for the establishment of the Conference of Italian Bishops for humanitarian corridors under an agreement signed on 12 January 2017.

In this context, Syrian refugees arrived in Italy by aircraft from Libya and Jordan. Funding for these efforts comes from contributions that can be collected from the public taxes collected from Italian taxpayers.

Ethiopian Deputy Foreign Minister Herut Zemin hailed the Italian civil society and the efforts made for immigrants, especially in these difficult times.

Russia rejects new US sanctions against the Syrian regime

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Russia on Tuesday expressed its rejection of new US sanctions against Syria over the alleged chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhan in the Syrian province of Idlib early this month.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said in remarks quoted by the Russian TASS news agency that Moscow sees the new US sanctions against Syria as baseless, as there is no evidence that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in Idlib.

Gattilov noted that Russia had previously proposed sending an independent group of experts to Syria to investigate allegations against the Syrian regime, but the United States rejected the proposal, stressing that “this is the only way to reveal the truth.”

The US Treasury Department on Monday imposed sanctions on 271 workers at the Syrian regime’s research and scientific research center after it said it was linked to the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhan

Jean-Marie Le Pen criticizes his daughter Marin’s campaign after temporarily stepping

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Jean-Marie Le Pen said on Tuesday that his daughter Marin, facing Emmanuel Macaron in the second round of French presidential elections on May 7, had to be more aggressive during the first round on Sunday and to follow President Donald Trump. 7.5 million votes in the largest result achieved by the National Front Party, which leads in his history, but did not succeed in overcoming the pro-European Union, which ranked first.

Her father’s intervention after her announcement on Monday and before the second round of elections comes her intention to abandon the day-to-day administration of the party her father founded. This is the latest disagreement between the two over the future direction of the party, “Jean-Marie Le Pen, 88, told RTL radio:” I think her campaign was very sluggish, and if I were in her place I would drive a campaign like the Trump campaign more open And very strong against those responsible for the deterioration of our country, whether they belong to the right or the left. ”

The father and daughter have been at odds since they began steps to improve the image of the party after it was associated with xenophobia in the run-up to its election campaign. The daughter’s decision to temporarily stop the day-to-day management of the party’s affairs was an attempt to portray itself above the narrow world of the FNP’s policies, Before the crucial second round.

Its program calls for curbing immigration, curtailing the rights of migrants living in France and expelling foreigners suspected of links to Islamic militancy.

Pentagon announces end of naval exercises with Japan

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The US Defense Department announced that the US Navy has completed maneuvers with Japan, while American naval units have moved to the Korean Peninsula.

US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse and Chief of Staff Joseph Danford will hold a secret meeting with Congressional leaders on Tuesday to discuss the Korean crisis, the Pentagon’s spokesman said Tuesday.

The US aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” and its parts began joint maneuvers with the Japanese navy last Sunday, the impact of the regional output of the programs of the ballistic and nuclear North Korea.

This is the third time the Japanese navy has engaged in maneuvers with the aircraft carrier after two maneuvers in March.

Pyongyang is seeking to build an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of transporting a nuclear warhead to the American continent.

Granada vs Malaga preview

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Granada CF Partido Granada – Málaga en directo en vivo en vivo en direct in diretta ver partido online y resultado live stream free watch online

Barcelona’s sporting director, Granada CF Partido Granada – Málaga en directo en vivo en vivo en direct in diretta ver partido online y resultado live stream free watch online Robert Fernandez, has confirmed that Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta will continue to play with the team beyond June 2018, the date of the end of each contract.

“Iniesta said he would only sign the new contract at the end of the season, and the club respected his desire and we waited until all the local commitments to talk about the new contract were completed,” Fernandez told Catalania radio.

“There is no reason to worry about renewing the team’s contracts because it is just a time,” he said. “By the end of the season, everything will be finished and the renovation will be soon.”

“We are studying the activation of the purchase clause in the contract with Delvio, who is currently playing for Milan,” said Deporta, who is Juventus’s star. “We have the best 3 strikers in the world, each of which is not for sale.”

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal preview

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Atlético de Madrid vs. Villarreal en vivo en direct in diretta ver partido online y resultado live stream free watch online

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has Atlético de Madrid vs. Villarreal en vivo en direct in diretta ver partido online y resultado live stream free watch online expressed his silence to speak for the first time about the news that has spread to his retirement following the recent injury to the cross in the Anderlecht quarter-final against Anderlecht.

Zlatan has been confirmed to have a cut in the cruciate ligament and knee cartilage, which may require him to be out of action for about 9 months.

“First of all, thank you for your support and your love. You are aware that you have suffered an injury that will keep me out of the field for a while.”

“I am the one who will decide to retire from football, and not something else. Surrender is not an option at all, see you later.”

Ibrahimovic has reached the age of 35 and has Manchester United for a season that will end at the end of the season.

Chelsea vs Southampton Preview

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Chelsea vs Southampton en vivo en direct in diretta ver partido online y resultado live stream free watch online

Coach Zinedine Zidane has confirmed Chelsea vs Southampton en vivo en direct in diretta ver partido online y resultado live stream free watch online that his team are not worthy of a loss against Barcelona, ​​commenting on the loss suffered by the Royal team against the Albugrana 3-2 on Sunday evening in the 33rd round of the Spanish league competition.

Chelsea vs Southampton en vivo “We do not deserve to lose, especially after the expulsion we got, the first result in Santiago Bernabeu is bad, but the Liga road is still long and we have to fight to the end,” Zidane said after the match.

“Messi made the difference tonight, but there were other things that we could not control,” Zidane said of the club’s champion, Lionel Messi.

Messi scored one of them in the last minute of the game, to lead his team to the top temporarily with 75 points, the difference of goals from Real Madrid.

“I’m not sorry to involve Gareth Bell. He was enthusiastic about the game and told me it was okay, we can not control what happens next.”

“We paid the price after losing the three points. The pressure is high on the front of the league, but the league is still there.”