Austria criticizes the role of aid organizations in the transfer of refugees and migrants

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastien Curtis strongly criticized the activities of civil society organizations working to rescue and assist refugees and illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean, saying that “these organizations are helping to kill more refugees instead of reducing them,” referring to the rescue and transfer of migrants to Italy, Cortes praised the efforts of many organizations that he said were “doing a good job”, but he expressed his dissatisfaction with other organizations considered to be partners of human traffickers, referring to their efforts in rescuing refugees and bringing them to Italy.

The Austrian foreign minister criticized the visit of the Frontex Frontier Protection Agency and the visit of one of the Maltese ships responsible for protecting the southern Mediterranean border in cooperation with the port of Valletta. The minister called for “the need to stop the madness of NGOs” The European vessels of the organizations to capture migrants from sites became closer to the Libyan coast and transfer them to the Italian coast, the relief activities criticized by the agency Frontex, and accused humanitarian organizations to support the work of networks of smuggling of refugees and Immigrants.

For his part, the director of the Agency for Europe, Klaus Rossler, said in a statement quoted by the Austrian news agency, agreed with the Austrian Foreign Minister, adding that the boats smuggled rubber migrants are in bad condition and almost reach the international waters, about 12 nautical miles from the Libyan coast, In his turn, Minister Kurtz repeated his demand not to transfer the rescued migrants to Italy and return them to refugee reception centers proposed on Mediterranean islands such as Lesbos or Lampedusa, stressing that it would be a successful means of stopping migration across the Mediterranean within a few weeks.