Concerns in Texas dams due to Hurricane Harvey

US officials have warned that the cracks that have begun to appear on the walls of some water dams in Texas, due to rising water levels in the surrounding area due to Hurricane Harvey, could worsen the suffering of the population if it collapses.

The water level in the Adix Dam basin rose to about 33 meters on Tuesday, and water began to flow over the dam’s body, as officials struggled to stop the leak from the dam to avert a possible disaster.

The flood control center in Harris County, Texas, said 2,500 homes could face flooding due to the collapse of the Adex dam, as well as 670 houses in the vicinity of the Parker dam.

Officials have raised concerns about the possible collapse of dams in the state, saying it could prolong the disaster to weeks or even months, US media reported.

The federal government oversees the maintenance of dam structures and walls dating back to the 1940s and underwent a repair process before Hurricane Harvey began a few weeks ago.

Hurricane Harvey, the biggest natural disaster to hit Texas in 50 years, forced thousands of people to leave their homes and killed at least nine people until Tuesday.