United States stopped issuing visa to Eritrean citizens and Guinean officials

United States will stop issuing visas to Eritreans and Guinean officials on Wednesday, US embassies announced on Tuesday.

The new restrictions target four Asian and African countries that have refused to repatriate deported citizens. Under federal law, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson can stop all visas or certain types of visas to those countries, ABC News reported.

The US embassy in Eritrea said in a statement it would stop issuing commercial and tourist visas for Eritrean citizens with “limited exceptions” and Eritrean officials did not comment on the statement.

Eritrea is a major source of migrants who say they are fleeing the system of military recruitment by force, which has been repeatedly criticized by the United Nations and human rights groups.

In a statement issued by the US Embassy in Guinea, the new restrictions on business visas, visas and student visas will affect only government officials and their immediate family members.

Cambodia and Sierra Leone are expected to be affected by visa restrictions, although there is no statement on the embassy’s sites tonight.
US officials discussed visa restrictions for the first time last month, and the Department of Homeland Security said it recommended that the State Department take action against four out of 12 countries.