President of the European Commission: Britain will regret coming out of the European Union

European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker said the British would soon regret their country’s exit negotiations from the European Union (BRIC).

In his EU State of the Union address in Brussels, Juncker said Britain would “always regret” the vote on the bricast, but he stressed the continuation of the work because Britain’s exit from the European Union was not everything.

He said the European Union would secure new business deals with New Zealand and Australia, and ruled out Turkey’s accession to the EU and said a new migration policy would be proposed by the end of September.

Junker suggested that a summit be held on March 30, 2019, one day after Britain left the European Union, in the Romanian city of Sibiu, to chart the future of the union with only 27 countries. “We have to respect the will of the British people, but we will make progress and we will continue to move because Britain’s exit from the Union is not everything and not the future of Europe.”

During his speech, Juncker called on the EU to move ahead with free trade deals following Britain’s exit from the EU, noting that the European Commission will work to end talks with Mexico and bring Mercosur to Latin American countries by the end of this year.