A judge orders the trial of the former president of Argentina in a currency speculation case

A judge has decided to try former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015) for a financial crime during her tenure in the case of the “future of the dollar” and speculation on exchange rates at the central bank in 2015.

Christina Kirchner, 64, will be tried with her then economy minister Axel Kisilov and former head of the central bank, Alejandro Vanule, without giving a date for the start of the trial, the court’s information center said.

The announcement comes as tension in Argentina rises and a large number of supporters of the former president take part in protests against the center-right policy of President Mauricio Macre. The mid-term elections are scheduled for October and there was speculation that the left-leaning Kirchner might come back to the fore after To leave power by the end of 2015 and move to live in the Patagonia region.

By the end of 2016, Kirchner has also been charged with two corruption cases, accusing the government of persecuting her politically.