Ahmed Al-Mohammadi “main” in the game Hall City vs Watford

Marco Salifa, technical director of the club Hull City, who specializes in the ranks of Egyptian player Ahmed Mohammedi, the starting lineup, which will follow the match Watford, which starts at 4 this afternoon, Saturday, in the 34 round of the Age of Premier League Premier League.

Hall City are 17th in the English Premier League with 30 points, while Watford are tenth with 40 points.

According to the official website of the club Hull City, the social networking site “Twitter”, Ahmed Mohammedi, right wing of the Egyptian team, is in the starting line of the game today.

Hull City is trying to restore the tone of the victories in order to maintain their hopes of staying in the top class, after tasting the bitter defeat in the last two games against Manchester City and Stoke City.

Ahmed Al-Mohammadi has achieved many achievements on the personal level. He has played 160 matches in the Premiership Premier League with Sunderland and Hal City. Mohammed is the first player in Hull City’s history to reach the 100th Premier League.