Algerians criticize Le Pen’s glorification of the French colonization of their country

A large number of Algerian politicians condemned the glorification of Marin Le Pen for the colonization of their country and considered it an insult, but they were not surprised by its statement, in which it praised the French colonization in Algeria and said that it is bold in expressing its positions against the other French politicians who have bet on some of them. Extreme Yemen.

The Algerians considered Le Pen ‘s statement in an interview with France’ s AFPM television the day after she reached the second place in the first round of the French presidential elections, an insult to Algeria and humanity, and that what their ancestors had suffered was not worth praising.

In the same context, independent candidate Emmanuel Macaron, who topped the list of favorites for the French presidency after qualifying for the second round on Sunday, described his country’s colonization of Algeria as a crime against humanity.