American company develops technology to connect human brain machines

The auto-driving world or the construction of colonies on Mars seems to be no longer enough for businessman Elon Musk, the founder of Spacex and Tesla, where new reports have revealed he is seeking to revolutionize new technology in the way people communicate with different technology devices Through neural networks.

According to the Dutch TNW website, Musk has an emerging company known as neural lace, which develops a new technology that will allow users to communicate directly with machines and machines without the need for physical interfaces, fingertips or otherwise. Although this sounds like a fantasy, Has become a special reality with the recent development of AI technology.

The new technology relies on an electric slide button in the brain, which allows users to add their ideas to the computer, which means increasing the cognitive functions of humans, and although this initiative may seem very fanciful, but Musk expressed interest in the techniques of neural networks earlier, where Revealed last year in one of the events that it seeks to allow people to coexist with the machines, while not only “Mosk” is the only one working in this area, there are many other companies that work on similar techniques