Angelina Jolie required to give Brad Pitt more access to their kids

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According to some court order obtained by CNN and issued last week,” Jolie is required to inform their kids the”courtroom has determined not having a connection with their dad is harmful to them, even” they are”protected by their dad,” and having a nutritious relationship with the two mother and father would be”critical.”
Pitt and Jolie have a few kids and several brothers, ages 16 and below.
Pitt has been granted unrestricted phone access to those children.
From the court documents, the judge advised Jolie the custody agreement was at the mercy of modify.
“In the event the minor kids remain closed all the way down to their dad and based upon the situation around this particular condition, it might lead to a reduction of the period they pay with [Jolie] and may lead to the Court ordering primary physical custody to [Pitt].”
An agent for Pitt diminished to comment with this particular story. Jolie’s agent has not returned CNN’s petition for comment.
The pair separated in September 2016 after two decades of union and filed for divorce right after.
Jolie has sought sole custody of those kiddies.