Angry employee at Apple leaked specifications and design of the new iPhone X

As Apple moves to unveil its latest phones tomorrow, a disgruntled employee of the company made a big blow by leaking the name and specifications of the new device over the past few days. Leaks began Friday and the source was not yet known, A new BBC website shows that an angry employee at the company is the one who did it.

“It’s almost certain that this leak was intentional,” said John Gruber, a famous Apple blogger. “Someone inside Apple leaked the list of url addresses to 9to5Mac and MacRumors, and I’m sure it was not a mistake, it was a deliberate malicious act by an employee of the company , As the biggest surprises and leaks in Apple’s history were revealed. ”

The BBC confirmed that an anonymous source provided ios 11 links to these sites, which downloaded the program from Apple’s computer servers.

The leaks included detailed information about the upcoming iPhone design, the new camera update, along with the new phone’s opening system, as well as countless information.

The iPhone is the most important phone designed by the company so far, and these details were supposed to be a surprise from the company, marking the tenth anniversary of the unveiling of the first iPhone.