Apple launches its new iPhone X for the most expensive price in London

The price of the new iPhone X in Britain is bigger than its price in the United States. The price of the 64 GB version of iPhone X in the United States is about $ 999, or 750 pounds While the phone will be launched in Britain at a price of 999 sterling, a rise of 200 sterling.

According to the Daily Mill website, experts suggested a number of reasons for this discrepancy in prices, including the exchange rate of the dollar, the fact that UK prices are calculated after adding value added tax, while US prices will include the sales tax added at the time of purchase .

This increase is not limited to iPhone X, but to all new Apple phones for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and means that UK customers will have to pay more than US users.

“Part of the reason is that the US market is much larger than the UK, which means that in the United States, brands such as Apple could benefit from the costs of marketing and distribution,” said Matt King, director of research for technology and media at Mintel, But the devaluation of the pound following the vote out of the EU, is also a major factor.

“Apple is just one of many major technology companies that have decided to increase their prices in the UK since the vote in June last year,” King said, noting that the weakness of the pound is the reason for this.