Apple working on a credit card to compete with Venmo

A new report revealed that Apple is developing a Venmo remittance service, according to the US site Recode, which may launch its own credit card. Rumors about the transfer of funds from Apple have been reluctant since 2015 but it now appears that the company is doing its best to launch This feature is for users in the end.

Unfortunately, it seems that the service will be available to a limited number of people, and may only be available to users of iPhone phones, which makes them useless, especially if some parties rely on the Android system.

According to the report, Apple is currently in talks with Visa to create a credit card linked to the payment system, the idea that users will be able to transfer funds through a special payment system, and the other party will be able to use the funds Instantly, which is not the case with Venmo, where the user needs to wait for a full day for money to arrive.

The credit card may only be in digital format, and the user will need to add it to the Apple Pay service or use it through e-shops. Apple Pay may not be able to control users, which has prompted the company to think of a new way to attract them.

Venmo is a way of paying by SMS and called the social payment method, because the user can publish what he paid on Facebook and Twitter.