Apple’s new watch battery Apple Watch 3 works for only one hour

Apple recently unveiled the third generation of its smart watch Apple Watch Series 3, but the world was concerned only with new smart phones from the company, especially for the “iPhone X”, the new clock comes with a number of features that were not available in previous versions, most notably LTE is an LTE connection that allows the wearer to make calls without having to connect to an iPhone phone using Bluetooth.

In theory, this means that you can leave your phone at home and talk to your friends through the clock, but Apple has revealed new details about the battery life of its new smart watch, which indicates the need to carry the phone.

The new clock, like previous models, has a battery that can operate for 18 hours, but using the LTE feature significantly reduces this time. While the battery can work for 3 hours of calls when connected, Only one hour.

According to Apple tests, users can play music on the watch “Apple Watch” through the Bluetooth earphones for up to 10 hours of battery life.