Argentine player: Sampaoli sells illusion

Former international player Claudio Borge, a member of Argentina’s 1986 World Cup winner in Mexico, said his compatriot Jorge Sampaoli had come to the Albiceleste to sell the illusion, although he was described as a “good coach” “bad person”.

“In a country where a lot of things are sold, he came to sell the illusion. He has caught my attention and the attention of photographers and cameras. He is a good coach but I do not like him personally,” Borji told local Miter radio.

The dispute between Borge and Sambaole began since the latter came as coach of Chile in 2012, succeeding his compatriot Borgei, and believes that it has directly affected the decision to dismiss him.

“I have two opinions about Sampaoli, he’s a bad guy, he’s not trained anywhere in the world and he always uses tricks to go up, but he’s a very good coach and he has very positive results in Chile.”

Ever since the former Sevilla coach took charge of the Albiceleste, Lionel Messi’s side drew 1-1 with Uruguay and then drew 1-1 in Buenos Aires against Venezuela (1-1) to remain the world champion twice (1978 and 1986) South qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia with 24 points before two rounds of the end.

“The team always runs, does not have a format, and plays individually more than a team, playing in this way is difficult,” he said.

“Playing with three players in the back is nothing new. Billardo did the same at the 1986 World Cup. To play three players in the back, you have to have a good midfielder. Playing with three defenders requires a lot of effort.”

He said his biggest concern was that the players would lose “trust in the coach” and start playing “in their own way” in the last two rounds of qualifying.