Australian approved $ 70 million for 1,905 refugees

An Australian judge has agreed to pay more than $ 70 million to the country’s government for nearly 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers in a detention center because of their illegal detention in Manos Island in dangerous and harmful conditions, the Guardian newspaper reported.

The newspaper said in a report published Wednesday that this agreement is the largest human rights settlement in Australia, a transporter of the Australian Supreme Court Judge Cameron McCollay said that he agreed to the settlement reached with the government and the regional detention center on Manos Island .

The Australian government had sued a group of lawsuits filed by the Slater and Gordon firm on behalf of 1905 refugees and asylum-seekers detained on the island, instead of continuing a six-month trial that would include evidence before the court of detainees for killings inside Detention center, systematic sexual and physical assault, and inadequate medical treatment causing injury and death.

In April 2016, the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea ruled that the detention center was “illegal and contrary to the Constitution”. The center is still functioning to date, with nearly 900 men, but it is scheduled to close in October this year.