BBC: 400 dead bodies found in mass grave in Scottish orphanage

Hundreds of bodies were buried in a mass grave in Lanarkshire, Scotland, where children were staying at a child care orphanage run by Catholic nuns, a BBC investigation found.

The BBC said at least 400 children were buried in a section of a graveyard, while the nuns of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, the daughters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul, refused to comment on the matter.

The investigation, conducted by the BBC’s “on-line” program in cooperation with the Sunday Post, focused on the Samilam shelter in Lanark, where the children were present.

The shelter was opened in 1864 to care for orphans or children from broken families. The shelter was closed in 1981, after taking care of 11,600 children, and the deaths have not been determined accurately. The death records show that most children died from common causes such as tuberculosis and pneumonia.

An analysis of the records shows that one-third of the children who died were five years old or less, very few died at 15 or more, and most deaths between 1870 and 1930