Bobbi Kristina Brown biopic trailer released

Some right-wing commentators have gay and transgender people responsible for the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey last week, according to some evangelical figures, homosexuals have caused billions of dollars in damage, dozens killed and thousands homeless.

Despite the evidence that bad weather and climate change had a hand in the storm that swept through areas of Texas, many of the voices appeared to refer to the role of homosexuals, among them “How Swanson” believed that the Bible called To gay death, and radio broadcaster Rick Wales, who believes Ebola is an easy way to eliminate homosexuals.

“Christ sends a message that unless the Americans repent, and unless Houston and New Orleans repent, they will be destroyed as well,” Swanson said in his program. “This is the message Jesus Christ sends to America now,” he said. “This is a city that boasted of its devotion to gay people and its attraction to the sexist movement,” Wales said in remarks published by Wright Wing. “It’s under water now.