Brazilian President: Our country will go beyond the corruption scandal

Brazilian President Michel Tamer said the corruption scandal that shook his government would not paralyze the economy of his country, which is struggling to overcome the biggest recession in its history.

“Brazil does not stop,” he said in an interview broadcast on Spain’s TV TV on Saturday ahead of a visit by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. “So corrupt behavior will not paralyze the country.”

Tamer, who is believed to have presided over a meeting in which the giant Udbrecht, which is accused of corruption by paying a large bribe to his party, said the charges against him were unfortunate.

However, he expressed his support for Sergio Moro, the judge who is investigating the case, saying the latter is in turn.

Last week, eight cabinet ministers were placed under investigation on suspicion they had received bribes from Udbrecht and other companies for helping them make deals with state oil company Petrobras.

One-third of the senators and 39 deputies were named as part of the investigation.

This complicates Tamer’s attempts to push the legislature to adopt austerity measures, noting that Brazil’s massive pension system is being curtailed.

The scandal has also affected investment in the country, the world’s largest emerging market. Brazil is expected to exceed this year’s two-year economic recession