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Firefighters and the armed forces of Croatia are seeking to extinguish dozens of forest fires Monday along the Adriatic coast and the famous tourist islands of Hvar and Barrak, officials said.

The situation has worsened dramatically in mountainous areas around the city of Zadar, where 32 fire broke out since Sunday night, said Slavko Tusakovic, head of the Croatian fire brigade.

The authorities closed parts of the highway between Zagreb and the country’s second largest city Split. While local media reported that some drivers changed direction and marched in the opposite direction for fear of fire burning.

Helicopters and helicopters are involved in a fire control effort, reinforced by about 100 soldiers and firefighters from other areas.

But strong winds make their task more difficult, Tusakovic said. Authorities evacuated a number of residents from the coastal city of Sebnik.

According to local media, the fire in Hvar can be seen from the city of Split, without reference to the exposure of towns or villages on the island risk of fire

The moon was completely blocked by the sun on Monday, while the first total solar eclipse from the coastal coast of the United States began nearly a century ago in western Oregon.

Millions of Americans followed the eclipse through goggles, telescopes and cameras.

After weeks of waiting, people in Dibu Bay, Oregon, applauded the shadow of the moon as it passed directly in front of the sun to completely block it apart from its halo.