Candice Bergen Points out how politics played a Role in reviving 'Murphy-Brown'

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Bergen, that starred in the title role on the hit CBS show from 1988-98, told CNN that reviving the show was a concept she and the media have been interested in for awhile.
“We’re excited,” Bergen told CNN in the Cinema modern society premiere of the newest picture, “Novel Club. “We had been requested a couple of years ago and we said. In the last year since the election it only sounds to be an unplowed industry.”
The 13-episode sequence of “Murphy Brown” will combine ’90s revivals like “Roseanne” and “Will & Grace.”
“I think they [networks] are having trouble discovering original suggests that catch on with people,” Bergen said.

Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown with an Emmy award. January 1, 1989. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Bergen, that will go back to the use of investigative journalist and anchor Murphy Brown on the sitcom, additionally spoke the present discussions in Hollywood with regards to cover equality.
“It is not around,” she explained. “It has simply been placed to the desk being a matter that has to be picked and also I actually don’t think there will be authentic equality until there’s pay equity. I mean, obviously I encourage it and I believe it’s time to have a conversation today. Girls have brought those problems to the forefront and it is time to sit down [and chat about it].”
As for whether she ever experienced being paid compared to the usual man costar, she said with a smile, “Murphy was the final really ongoing work I had and I was quite properly paid.”
“Book Club” opens in theaters Friday.