Candidate for the French presidency: London attack reflects the terrorist threat “Today”

During a visit to Chad, the far-right candidate to the French presidential elections, Marin Le Pen, considered the attack in front of the British parliament on Wednesday to reflect the “daily” threat of terrorism, which increasingly takes the form of “individual terrorism.”

What is proof of the threat is not behind us, but with us, it is a daily threat and is increasingly taking the form of individual terrorism, “Le Pen told a news conference in N’Djamena.

On the other hand, Le Pen said there was a “security gap” over the resignation of French Interior Minister Bruno Loreau after the judiciary opened a preliminary inquiry into a financial corruption case because of his two teenage daughters when he was a deputy parliamentary assistant.

“We are in the midst of a battle against terrorism and this instability in the Ministry of the Interior poses a security problem in the country,” said French President Francois Hollande shortly after Loro resigned Tuesday, Commerce Minister Matthias Vickel, 39, as interior minister in a country living on a high terror threat. The state of emergency has remained in force.

On Wednesday afternoon, in the heart of the British capital, a man in a four-wheel drive drove pedestrians across the Westminster Bridge to the Parliament building and the Big Ben watch tower.

After leaving the bridge, he rammed his car into the roadblock and then ran out of it as he ran towards the walls of the parliament building where Prime Minister Teresa May had addressed the deputies