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Petrol prices on rise round Massachusetts

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You may be feeling a pinch at the pump as gas prices are on the rise, well before the start of the summer driving season.

Some places are close to $3 per gallon. 

Why is that? A professor at American International College said that it’s a number of factors. 

Americans are feeling it at the gas pump.

Gas prices have gone up nationally three cents in just three days, according to AAA. 

“The gas prices just keep climbing higher and higher.  We check everywhere too,” said Michael Makara of Springfield.

John Rogers, an economics professor at AIC, told Western Mass News that there are many factors why prices are high across the country.  The biggest, he said, is that we live in a global economy. 

“The most important globally is the oil producing countries led by Saudi Arabia reached a deal about a year and a half ago and it included some non-members like Russia to basically cut back on supply, so that’s soaked up the excess supply which has created pressure on prices.  If President Trump decides not to renew the Iran nuclear deal, that could crimp the exports that are coming on to the global market,” Rogers 

Around western Massachusetts, our cameras saw a wide range of prices from $2.79 to nearly 10 cents cheaper down the street.

The national average, according to GasBuddy, is $2.75 per gallon.  Last year at this time, gas was around $2.30. 

As we inch closer to the Memorial Day holiday, Rogers said that prices could go up a little higher.

“They’re talking about prices going up over three dollars maybe during the summer, but I don’t think anyone is expecting a dramatic increase.  We have the luxury or benefit in this country of being able to produce oil,” Rogers added.

However, what are gas prices to Peter Sadowski, who doesn’t have to worry about the increasing pinch on his wallet.

“I own a car, but I ride my bike as much as possible,” Sadowski said.

Experts said that Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are among the best days to fill up at the pump.

You can always track the latest prices using our gas tracker.  Just CLICK HERE.

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