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Learn about the benefits of pregnancy malformation tests

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Consultant Gynecologist, Obstetrics and Infertility, said that about 1% of children are born with abnormalities that can be partially or completely corrected. However, about 2% of children have an abnormal condition that can not be corrected.

The doctor said in a special statement to “the seventh day,” that the tests of detection of deformities during pregnancy help to clarify the potential problems of the fetus, and appropriate procedures to be taken, explaining that the former woman has the birth of an abnormal child or has a disability must tell her doctor, To take all precautions during pregnancy and provide additional care for them.

He added that tests of fetal abnormalities can check for structural deformities such as spinal cord paralysis or deformation in some chromosomes, such as Down Syndrome, and the detection of deformities can show the following:

• Confirms that your baby is born healthy

• Give the time to prepare psychologically to receive children with special needs

• Allow to consider the elimination of pregnancy in case of damage

He noted at the same time that there is no test 100% accurate detection may prove fetal deformation or not, and may not be detected some cases before birth.