Catholic organizations agree with Ethiopia to create the first human corridor to Italy

Representatives of two Italian Catholic organizations, Caritas and Sant’Egidio, agreed with the Ethiopian authorities in Addis Ababa on the creation of a safe human corridor to reach Italy, the Migrant News website reported on Monday.

The project aims at the transfer of 500 Eritrean, South Sudanese and Somali refugees currently residing in Ethiopian refugee camps to Italy over the next two years. This will be the first humanitarian corridor to operate from the continent of Africa. Ethiopia is the first country in the continent in terms of refugee numbers. There are 850,000 refugees there.

The establishment of these humanitarian corridors is part of an agreement between the Italian Government and the Conference of Italian Bishops, following the approval of the Italian Government for the establishment of the Conference of Italian Bishops for humanitarian corridors under an agreement signed on 12 January 2017.

In this context, Syrian refugees arrived in Italy by aircraft from Libya and Jordan. Funding for these efforts comes from contributions that can be collected from the public taxes collected from Italian taxpayers.

Ethiopian Deputy Foreign Minister Herut Zemin hailed the Italian civil society and the efforts made for immigrants, especially in these difficult times.