Chelsea vs Southampton Preview

Coach Zinedine Zidane has confirmed Chelsea vs Southampton en vivo en direct in diretta ver partido online y resultado live stream free watch online that his team are not worthy of a loss against Barcelona, ​​commenting on the loss suffered by the Royal team against the Albugrana 3-2 on Sunday evening in the 33rd round of the Spanish league competition.

Chelsea vs Southampton en vivo “We do not deserve to lose, especially after the expulsion we got, the first result in Santiago Bernabeu is bad, but the Liga road is still long and we have to fight to the end,” Zidane said after the match.

“Messi made the difference tonight, but there were other things that we could not control,” Zidane said of the club’s champion, Lionel Messi.

Messi scored one of them in the last minute of the game, to lead his team to the top temporarily with 75 points, the difference of goals from Real Madrid.

“I’m not sorry to involve Gareth Bell. He was enthusiastic about the game and told me it was okay, we can not control what happens next.”

“We paid the price after losing the three points. The pressure is high on the front of the league, but the league is still there.”