Chicago police apologize after raiding wrong home

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CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police apologized and guaranteed to create repairs, after wearing the door of their incorrect home while running a raid Tuesday afternoon to the South Side.

About two Tuesday, workplaces raided the first-floor apartment of a building near 52nd and also Wells from the Fuller Park area. They destroyed front door at the procedure, invisibly three individuals inside, then tore through the family members ’s belongings until detecting theyrsquo;d entered the incorrect dwelling.

Authorities said that the officers went to the speech recorded on a merit, but the paperwork had the incorrect details.

&ldquoWe conduct hundreds of raids every week, and now we depend on unique avenues as a way to obtain this info. Thus if we do hit a incorrect house, pay attention, this ’s not a great thing,” Police Supt. Eddie Johnson explained Wednesday morning. &ldquoWe only need to do at ensuring that where we’r e getting that information from is valid, and we only need to do a superior job of making sure that we are reaching the ideal location.

The raid traumatized Terricky Pender and also her children, like her son, Trezelle Island, that mentioned he thought it was a robber busting .

“” I only noticed a large boom, breaking right by the doorway and my little brother, so he’d hurried to the trunk,” he also said.

But the people who awakened were uniform, also came armed with a search warrant.

“Then they told him and me to goto the trunk; proceed back and then put on the ground. Put hand-cuffs about the back, and then told us don’t go, and then set their firearms upward,” Island said.

“Once they told me come outside they told me to put my hands on my back again and then put handcuffs on me,” she said.

It turned out that the paperwork to its reform had the incorrect speech.

Police apologized, however, it was hardly the first time officers raided the incorrect dwelling.

On xmas weekendthey broke the incorrect door at the middle of night in Shanae Cross’ house near 82nd and Marquette. In that case, police stated officers “unintentionally shattered the doorway of their incorrect residence.

Back in March, officers stormed the incorrect apartment at Lawndale, wearing down the door of the incorrect apartment at a building to the 2700 block of West Flournoy voie.

Back in May, officers pointed firearms at an innocent adolescent inside a Woodlawn residence, but had raided the incorrect apartment.

Terricky Pender mentioned that she didn’t understand Tuesday’s raid was that the fourth period in half a year Chicago police broke into the incorrect dwelling.

“” I understand it just happened to some person, but I didn&; rsquo;t understand that it was that the fourth time,” she said. “The one factor I need them to accomplish is come and fix my door right about now.

The authorities Department said that it will expedite the claims procedure to cover repairs on Pender’s dwelling.

We all do all we can to be certain that we correct this error, and repair people persons ’s property as soon as we could,”” Johnson said.