Chile police raid Catholic Church offices amid sex abuse scandal

Police and prosecutors at Chile have staged offices and captured records of the Roman Catholic Church amid a child sexual abuse along with cover up scandal.

The surprise raids took place while in the capital Santiago and at town of Rancagua.

They are just two Vatican envoys are at Chile to look into the asserts and counsel dioceses howto react.

About Monday that the Pope accepted the resignations of 3 Chilean bishops Within the Aftermath of this scandal.

They contained the contentious Juan Barros that was accused of covering up sexual abuse perpetrated by priest Fernando Karadima at the 1980s and nineties.

Prosecutor Emiliano Arias said that the raids on Wednesday had gone very well.

“This really is not a investigation contrary to the Catholic Church,” but rather an evaluation of studies of sex abuse from members of this church that abused minors,” he said.

Arch Bishop of Santiago Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati said church officials were awarded prosecutors every one of the asked documentation they certainly were co-operating with the justice system.

Papal envoys Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Msgr Jordi Bertomeu have been on the next trip to Chile to take statements out of victims. They have compiled a record which says the Chilean Church covered up abuse instances and destroyed signs.

Pope Francis became involved at the scandal surrounding Juan Barros when he defended the bishop during his trip to Chile in January.

He later apologised to victims, saying:”I listened in their mind if I damage them realising it, but it absolutely was a wound which I inflicted without meaning to.”

Approximately 80 Roman Catholic priests are reported to police at Chile for alleged sexual abuse on the previous 18 decades.

Below Pope Francis, a Vatican committee has been set up to fight with sexual abuse and assist victims.