China defies NASA and claims to develop an engine to send humans to Mars within 10 weeks

China’s CCTV has released a new video that claims Chinese scientists have succeeded in designing a first model of the fuel-free engine called EmDrive, capable of sending humans to Mars in just 10 weeks without fuel, which NASA has been trying to develop for years, It has not yet been able to access a version capable of functioning efficiently.

According to the website of the Daily Mail newspaper, CCTV broadcast the video under the name “M Drive China by Dr. Chen Yu, Chinese Academy of Space Technology,” and claims the site development of Chinese scientists to the engine, and sent to space soon, although it does not mention any Technical aspects of the device.

The engine does not need fuel. Instead, it emits solar-powered microwaves in a closed container. With no fuel to discharge, EmDrive violates Newton’s Third Law, which states that each action has an equal and opposite reaction.

It was not the first time that China claimed the development of the EmDrive engine. In December, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Space Technology confirmed that the government had funded technology research since 2010 and claimed to test a device in low Earth orbit.

In November, unidentified sources told the British ibtimes site that tests on the EmDrive engine were on board the Tianjong-2.

Dr. Chen Yue, head of satellite communication at KAST, confirmed that national research institutions in recent years have been able to conduct a series of long-term tests on EmDrive.