China plans to stay in disputed mountainous area with India

China announced on Tuesday that its army would continue patrolling a disputed Himalayan region after removing Monday the two-month military tension with India.

Indian and Chinese soldiers have been on standby since mid-June on the mountainous Dokalam Plateau at the intersection of India, China and Bhutan after India sent troops to prevent China from building a military road.

“Chinese troops will continue to be stationed and patrolling the Doklam Plateau, and we will continue to assert our sovereignty, in accordance with international agreements,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Xunying said in a meeting with reporters.

The Indian government announced on Monday that India and China had agreed to disengage from the military, and New Delhi explained that the withdrawal includes Indian and Chinese troops.

China has not specifically identified the area in which it will continue to patrol.

Asked if China would stop the actions of its neighbor, the spokeswoman said Beijing “will take into account a range of factors, including weather conditions, before implementing any infrastructure project, including road construction.”

China considers the route to be in its territory. India sees it as located in Bhutanese territory and does not demand anything from New Delhi but intervened because of its role in protecting Bhutan internationally.