China urges Japan not to mislead future generations with historical mistakes

China urged the Japanese government to take a responsible attitude towards its people, history and neighbors and instill a correct orientation towards history in its people, rather than mislead future generations with historical mistakes.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Zhengying made the remarks in a statement on Tuesday, commenting on reports that Japan’s Ministry of Education has issued new textbooks to be introduced to Japanese students since next year, in which the number of victims of the Nanjing Massacre committed by the Imperial Japanese Army Nanjing, China during World War II.

Hua said the international community has long known the heinous crimes committed by Japanese soldiers during their aggression against China, and there is overwhelming evidence of the number of victims, so it is very wrong that the Japanese government deliberately tries to deny or even falsify this part of history.

“This irresponsible attitude will not help Japan pass the facts of history to its future generations or make them understand properly the nature of Japan’s past relations with its neighbors,” she said. “It will also make it very difficult for young people to adjust the course of future relations between Japan and its neighbors on the right picture .

The city of Nanjing in southern China witnessed a massacre during the Second World War recorded in history as the “Nanjing Massacre”, which is one of the most terrible crimes of the Japanese forces in the war, where the Japanese army at the time occupied the city, and committed everywhere with murder, looting, For 6 weeks. Some historians estimate the death toll in the massacre at 200-300,000