Chinese hackers launch cyber attacks on Vietnamese companies and institutions

FireEye security company disclosed that a hacker company working for or on behalf of the Chinese government has expanded its attacks against official targets and companies in Vietnam at the time of raising tension around the South China Sea.

The security company told Reuters that the attacks occurred in recent weeks, and after tracking it was discovered its relationship with suspected pirates in China.

“Although China has often focused on the government, this shows that it is really striking the full potential commercial sector in Vietnam and is trying to gather a broad base of information there,” said Ben Reid, who heads FireEye’s e-espionage team.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chun Ying said China opposes all illegal activities of the Internet or theft of secrets, as well as any accusations against any country against the issue without proof.

Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lu Thi Tu Hang said cyber attacks should be severely punished according to the law and that it was important for countries to secure their networks.

Vietnam has denied the possibility of spying on the Internet even though it has also been accused by FireEye of carrying out cyber attacks.