Chinese policeman bring a woman carrying a child to the ground

Shanghai police punished a woman and her baby who were carrying him in a video camera incident and sparked a wave of criticism on the Internet.

The incident follows another incident when police in northern China detained a man complaining of food in a hospital, which triggered widespread condemnation on the Internet. Social networking sites later found that the detention was unjustified and several officers were punished.

The latest incident occurred on Friday when a police officer named Zhou released a woman named Zhang who stopped her car in a forbidden place, said an electronic statement issued by police on Saturday.

Police said in a statement that Zhang had quarreled, pushed and obstructed Zhou, adding that she ignored his warnings that she was hindering his work.

The statement said the officer quickly pushed her off and threw her and the child she was carrying, adding that the “excessive reaction” to the officer “did not take into account the safety of the child.”

Women and children were slightly injured.

Police said Shaw had been warned severely about his behavior, a punishment the Shanghai Daily said meant depriving him of promotion or a salary increase of 18 months.

Internet comments have widely condemned the officer’s actions, but many have also blamed women.

Human rights groups criticize the government and its multiple law enforcement agencies for abuses of power, disregard for human rights, and lack of response to criticism.