Colon cancer symptoms, causes and treatment

Colorectal cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancerous diseases around the world. Colon is the lower part of the digestive system. It forms stool through the excess fluid and nutrients. It is eliminated through the anus and the food is diverted to absorb it by bacteria.

According to the medicalnewstoday site, the symptoms of colon cancer are:
Symptoms of colon cancer

Colon Cancer Colon Cancer

1: Frequent bathroom access

2: diarrhea or chronic and recurrent constipation

3: feeling uncomfortable in the bowel movement

4: Blood in the stool

5: severe abdominal pain

6: Abdominal swelling

7: feeling full of belly especially after eating for a while

8: Continuous vomiting

9: fatigue and fatigue and severe weakness in the body

10: Significant loss of almonds

11: The appearance of a mass in the abdomen

12: severe shortage of iron unjustified
Causes of colon cancer

Colon colon

There is no specific cause of colon cancer but there are potential risk factors for it:

1: Older people are more likely to develop colon cancer

2: High diet in animal protein

3: A high diet in saturated fats

4: Increase the intake of low foods in dietary fiber

5: Follow a diet high in calories

6: A high diet in alcohol consumption

Women with breast, ovarian and uterine cancer are more likely to have colon cancer

8: It may be hereditary any member of the family was injured

9: Patients with ulcerative colitis suffer more often than colon cancer

10: Obesity is one of the causes of colon cancer

Smoking leads to all types of cancer

12: The presence of benign tumors in the colon may turn into cancer

13: People with Crohn ‘s disease or colon cancer are more likely to have cancer
How is colon cancer diagnosed?

Cancer Cancer

1: This is done by blood test in the stool but sometimes does not detect all types of cancer, it is possible to be bleeding because of hemorrhoids or some foods that cause blood in the colon

2: DNA testing in the stool is more accurate

3: Colonoscope to detect cancer diseases

4: CT scan