Congress questions Trump’s son for 5 hours over his relationship with Russia

A congressional committee has questioned information on Russia’s intervention in the US presidential campaign, the eldest son of President Donald Trump on Thursday in a five-hour closed session.

Hours later, Donald Trump Jr announced in a statement that “I answered all the questions posed by the committee in this regard as well as questions on other issues until the questions of each party ended.” “I am confident that this interview will benefit their investigations.”

Donald Trump, Jr., who runs a family business, avoided photographers and blocked secret passages on reporters when he arrived at Congress to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee investigators, one of the commissions investigating communications with Russia.

A number of other senators attended the meeting, which took place mainly because of a June 9 meeting with a Russian lawyer from Moscow named Natalia Vyselnetskaya and presented herself as a “lawyer of the Russian government.”

Trump Jr., 39, admitted in July that he met last year with the lawyer, believing that she was capable of providing embarrassing information to Hillary Clinton.

Opponents of President Trump immediately saw the meeting as evidence of an attempted collusion between the Republican candidate’s campaign team and Moscow.

However, Trump Jr. confirmed that there was no information from the lawyer, who denied her association with the Kremlin, and the Russian presidency confirmed that she did not know her.

Trump on Thursday denied any complicity with Russia. In a brief announcement obtained by the New York Times, he said he had met the lawyer to see whether the presentation of the information was serious.