Czech Investigation Center: America supports the Syrian opposition with Czech-made weapons

Czech Center for Press Investigation said on Wednesday that the arms, purchased by the United States from the Czech Republic and several other Eastern European countries, had been transferred by the United States to the Syrian opposition and that this had been investigated in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime.

According to data from the Center for Investigative Press, taken from open sources, the Pentagon “Pentagon” purchased old weapons from the Czech Republic, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, for $ 71 million.

The Americans announced to their trading partners that they were buying weapons to meet their own needs, but in practice sent these weapons to Syria to train and arm armed groups against the government there, especially the Daash organization.

“Each shipment of arms from the Czech Republic obliges the exporter to submit a series of documents to obtain an export license,” the statement said. And then require the approval of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Industry. One of the documents required is the “End User Certificate,” which ensures that weapons do not fall into the wrong hands, such as terrorists.

According to data from the Czech Center, the Pentagon provided false information in that document, claiming that the final user of the weapon would be the US military.