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Boris Becker claims diplomatic immunity in bankruptcy Circumstance

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The three-time Wimbledon winner maintains his appointment as a diplomat from the Central African Republic affords him safety from some legal claims.

Mr Becker was announced bankrupt in 2017 around money owed to personal financial institution Arbuthnot Latham. He is currently being chased for”more assets”.

His defence has been lodged in the High Court.

The Central African Republic made Mr Becker a game and civilization attache into the EU at April 2018.

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His legal staff stated:”This means he cannot be at the mercy of legal approach in the courts of almost any country for such a long time as he remains a recognised diplomatic agent”

Mr Becker said that the proceedings had been”unjustified and unfair” and being announced broke”lacked a complete pile of damage onto me”.

He explained he was asserting diplomatic immunity to”bring this farce into a stop” and stop”the gravy train for those suits”.

He added:”I am tremendously pleased with my critique [from ] the Central African American Republic. . .sport is remarkably critical in Africa and is fast being a universal language”

Mr Becker was announced bankrupt right after Arbuthnot Latham asserted he owed a massive sum for at least two years.

At some timehe explained”This sequence relates to a disputed loan which I was expected to settle in full of 1 month “

However, the registrar said Mr Becker gave the belief of “a person using his head at the sand”.

He has appointed Ben Emmerson QC, who’s represented Julian Assange and Marina Litvinenko, ” the widow of Alexander Litvinenko.

Mr Becker grew to become the first German to win Wimbledon when he did at the age of 17 at 1985.

He won it again in 1986 and 1989 among the 64 ATP Tour titles he maintained during a 15-year livelihood.

Following his retirement he turned into a pundit to the BBC.