David Spade honors Kate Spade by donating $100K to mental health organization

“Many people suffer from mental medical problems than we may realize but no body should ever feel embarrassed to reach out for aid,” the 53-year-old comedian instructed Individuals about Thursday night.

“In case you or anyone that you know is in need of help or direction please contact the national suicide prevention hotline at 800 273 8255 or move to nami.org to find out and assist those who might take desire. ”

The National Alliance on Mental disease (NAMI) is a grass roots organization that provide help to Americans suffering from mental disease and raising recognition to eliminate the stigmas associated with psychological and psychiatric disorders.

Designer Kate,” who was in a troubled union to David’so brother, Andy, expired by suicide on June 5.

Andy said in a statement after her death, “Kate endured depression and anxiety for many years. She had been seeking help and doing work closely together with her health practitioners to take care of her disorder, one which accepts far too many lives.

“We’re in touch with her night before and that I seemed happy. There was no sign without any caution she would perform so. It turned out to be a shock. And it clearly wasn’t even her. You will find also personal demons she had been fighting. ”

David came back to the comedy stage on June 9 because Kate’so death, saying only it had been a “demanding times. ”

After Kate’s passing, he published a heart felt tribute to her on Instagram, creating, “she had been sharp and quick on her feet. She may make me laugh hard. I can’t even consider it. It’s a rough world out there folks, try to hang on. ”

This informative article originally appeared on Page Six.