Demonstrations of Armenians in front of the Turkish Embassy in Washington against Turkey

The Turkish embassy in Washington witnessed Armenian demonstrations against the Turkish president in commemoration of the Armenian massacres committed by the Ottoman Empire against them in 1915.

Turkish media opposed to the Turkish president said Armenian demonstrators chanted slogans against Turkey and against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

On the other hand, Turkish Kurds loyal to Erdogan set up a tent near the embassy, ​​not to leave the place for the Armenian demonstrators, who organize a protest in the region annually.

It is noteworthy that through pressure groups in different countries of the world, the Armenians from time to time calls for the “criminalization” of Turkey, and hold them responsible for allegations of Armenian Armenians to the process of “genocide and displacement.”

Turkey asserts that genocide can not be described as a “tragedy” for both sides