Difference between “Notepad” and “WordPad” to edit text on Windows

Although many users rely on Microsoft Word to write scripts, there are many tools that are installed virtualistically in the Windows system and allow users to write texts through them, but at the same time does not provide the same features provided by Microsoft Word, which comes at the top of both From Notepad, WordPad, and the following are the highlights of the differences between them:

– Notepad Notepad:

– A simple text editing tool that is designed to work on all Microsoft Windows systems and has been included in all versions of Microsoft since version 1.0 starting in 1985.

– Allows users to edit text only, and their files are saved in “.txt” format.

– Notepad does not support text formatting methods, making it unsuitable for editing files of different systems, it is a very primitive writing program.

– Some depend on the writing of source codes for some computer programs.

– Notepad supports two methods of typing by type of language. It supports writing for languages ​​in which sentences are written from left to right and vice versa.

– Notepad does not deal with new lines during the editing of texts as they are treated in the style of Unix or Mac, where Notepad offers the basic functions of word processing as a search for words or sentences.

– Notepad remains a low-capacity editor compared to other text editors that offer many different functions and features.

– There is a maximum file size that Notepad can edit, which is 64 KB.


– WordPad “WordPad”:

– A tool to start writing, where it is provided in all versions of Windows starting from Windows 95.

– It is more advanced than Microsoft Notepad but very simple from Microsoft Word, and is an alternative to Microsoft Write.

– Allows formatting and printing of texts, such as Italic and Bold and others, but lacks some features such as spell checker.

– A simplified version of the Roses program, which allows formatting paragraphs and sentences, changing text color and background color, as well as alignment type, and the possibility of adding images and graphics.
– It is characterized by the low use of the resources of the device, and its simplicity and speed, and is considered appropriate for taking notes and writing letters and stories.