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In response to questions at a press conference by telephone, Eagles vs Jets live stream free watch online nfl preview Biskoff said he had seen the e-mail message amid the large number of messages he received daily, but he did not respond because the request was not the kind that he could deal with in his scope of work as a speaker On behalf of the Kremlin.


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During a session in Caracas, members of the assembly approved a decree that opens the way for “a historic trial of treason against those who have encouraged these immoral actions against the interests of the Venezuelan people.”

“I can confirm that among many of the e-mails there was a message from Mr. Michael Cohen, that’s what happened,” Biskoff said.

The Venezuelan Constituent Assembly has decided to refer to the court on charges of “treason” opponents who encouraged the imposition of financial sanctions announced Friday by the United States on Venezuela.

The text does not Eagles vs Jets live stream mention any name, but the speakers at the hearing blamed the opposition, specifically Speaker Julio Borges and Vice President Fredi Guevara.

The Assembly requested the State authorities to immediately initiate investigations to determine the liability of the accused.

Socialist leader Nicolas Maduro on Friday accused Burgess of exerting “pressure” to impose US sanctions and demanded that he be tried together with other opposition leaders for “betraying the nation.”

The Venezuelan Penal Code provides for 20 to 30 years’ imprisonment for traitors The entire population was evacuated around 2.4 kilometers from a chemical plant in southeast Texas as a “precautionary measure” because of the increased risk of an explosion, the local fire department’s office said in a letter.

Arkema’s owner said in a statement Tuesday that the situation at the company’s plant in Crosby, Texas “has become serious” and that all workers have been evacuated from the facility.

Krosby is about 40 km northeast of Houston and has a population of 2,300 in the 2010 US census.

“Harris County evacuated all residents within a mile of the Arkema plant as a precautionary measure,” the Twitter message said.

“There is a possibility of a chemical reaction leading to a fire in the plant that could produce a great deal of black smoke,” the chief of the fire department, referring to the Arkima plant, said.

“While we do not think there is any imminent danger, the possibility of a chemical reaction leading to fire and explosion, or both within the limits of the site is significant,” the company said.

Rainwater has flooded the Arkema plant without power since Sunday. The generators were flooded.

The ARKEMA plant is produced in Crosby Peroxide. It has been closed since Friday, but there are about 12 key staff on the site.

The National Guard of Houston-Glavstone said Tuesday that the National Guard has saved the lives of 4322 people in the Houston area through search and rescue operations since Sunday.

Other chemical plants in Texas have stopped production because of the storm. Harvey, who arrived in land in Texas as a strong Category 4 hurricane, caused catastrophic flooding.