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Britain plans to impose restrictions on low-skilled European workers and limit access to European family members after Brixet’s entry into force, according to a leaked document published on the Guardian’s website Tuesday.

“Clearly this means that for migration to be valuable to the whole country, it should not only benefit the migrants but also make the lives of current residents better,” the document says.

The 82-page document includes proposals by the British Home Office to manage the immigration file after Britain leaves the EU, putting an end to the freedom of movement of individuals between Britain and the EU.

The government envisages a bilateral system for European citizens arriving after Breakest, and those wishing to stay for a long time can apply for a two-year residence permit.

While those with “high skills” will be allowed to apply for a five-year residence permit, according to the leaked proposals.

According to the long document classified as “sensitive,” the Interior Ministry says it may “tighten” the definition of family members allowed to escort European workers to Britain.

The proposed images that Britain will allow are the entry of husbands, wives and children under 18, and adults who rely on workers for their livelihoods.

According to the proposed plan, all European citizens will also request the use of passports, not national identity cards, as is currently the case.

The measure is expected to be implemented immediately after Britain leaves the European Union, scheduled for March 29, 2019, but the Interior Ministry has promised to give “an appropriate deadline.”

An Interior Ministry spokesman declined to comment on the leaked document.

“We will make our initial proposals for a new immigration regime that will regain control of Britain’s borders later this fall,” he said.

The document drew criticism from the Workers’ Union and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Khan, a member of the opposition Labor Party, said the document paves the way for “an extreme form of severe bricast” that threatens to separate family members from each other