Erdogan pledges to continue describing European countries as Nazism as long as he describes him as a dictator

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would continue to describe a number of European countries as “Nazi” as long as these countries continue to describe him as a “dictator”.

“You see that you have the freedom to describe Erdogan as a dictator, but Erdogan has no right to call you fascism or Nazism,” Erdogan said in comments published on the Turkish daily Hurriyet on Friday. “But I will continue to use the same terms to refer to them as long as they continue to describe the dictator, .

The Turkish president condemned the remarks made by his new German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, during which he called on Erdogan to stop accusing German Chancellor Angela Merkel of resorting to “Nazi” practices.

Steinmeier, in his first speech as president, said Erdogan threatened to destroy everything that his country had achieved in recent years, while also destroying our relations with our Turkish partners.

“The German president made statements that are aimed at me, even though we are friends,” said the Turkish president. “I regret these statements, and I hope they will not be thrown out again.”

Erdogan’s comments come as relations between Turkey and the EU have been strained in recent weeks after a number of European countries have canceled pro-Erdogan rallies, especially in Germany and the Netherlands