Ethan Hawke States it's '# & Hard039; to 'Promote a Picture with No gun'

Ethan Hawke mentioned he gets paid more in pictures. He is pictured at the 2015 movie “Predestination.”     (Blacklab Leisure)

Beloved actor Ethan Hawke maintained it really is “ rdquo, hard & ldquo; market a picture without a gun & rdquo; yet — along with that it is proven by also his salary.

Hawke, 47, advised Seth Meyers on his latenight series Tuesday which there isn’t any money in firearm-less movies but “yet there are so fantastic lines” compared to a “unmentionable picture that nobody sees and also you would like people Googling and looking up thus that you don’t even cite the titles, nevertheless, you have paid lots for them. ”

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While talking gun control, Hawke claimed he detected that the movies by which his character had a gun were the ones he got extra cash to get.

“There’s also a direct equation — you realize there are individuals talking so much about gun control in this nation,” the “Training Day” star advised Meyers. “And that I detected recently if you place into a column of every picture I did at which I really carry a gun, and also every picture wherever I don’t, along with my salary… I honestly presume it’d be roughly 92 per cent to eight per cent. ”

Hawke stated he knewldquo;we’re in rdquo & turmoil; within gun control.

“Now you realize just how far our individuality has been wrapped up, about that which we want, and exactly how we view people, and exactly how hard it is to offer a picture with no gun — no surprise we’rein turmoil on this subject,” he explained.


Meyers added that when there’s really a “gun in the picture I’m pretty convinced it’s about the [picture] poster. ”

Hawke found that when swords were applied for of Shakespeare movies afterward “it’d falter. ”